Silver Iodide Market - Forecast(2023 - 2028)

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Silver Iodide Market is forecast to reach $xx billion by 2025, after growing at a CAGR of 5.3% during 2020-2025. The Silver Iodide market is driven by its applications in weather modification, as an antiseptic material and a photosensitive material in photography.

Report Coverage

The report: “Silver Iodide Market – Forecast (2020-2025)”, by IndustryARC, covers an in-depth analysis of the following segments of the Silver Iodide Market.

Key Takeaways

  • Asia-Pacific dominates the Silver Iodide market owing to strong usage of silver iodide for weather modification and medicine purpose.  
  • Silver iodide acts as a very effective nucleus to form ice crystals. Silver iodide has an important advantage over mercury as a subject for study of electrochemical properties of interfaces.

Application - Segment Analysis

Weather modification has been the primary market for Silver Iodide. In weather modification application silver iodide is used as cloud seeding or anti hail systems. Cloud seeding is widespread and growing, as it makes rain where it normally does not or at a time when it normally would not. Cloud seeding introduces particles of salts like silver iodide and chloride into the cloud using a special aircraft. According to World Meteorological Organization (WMO) report 2018, many countries have been practicing cloud seeding, not all seeding efforts are being undertaken after a rigorous analysis. Most of the cloud seeding are undertaken primarily in addressing water shortages affecting agriculture and other societal needs. As countries across globe are facing water shortages due to change in climate conditions.

 Geography - Segment Analysis

APAC dominated the Silver Iodide market with a share of more than 40%, followed by North America and Europe. In APAC, silver iodide is widely used for weather modification for cloud seeding. China is investing $168 million into cloud seeding program aimed at making it rain in its usually arid northwestern region. The China’s Metrological Agency has concluded that the country will expand its cloud seeding program in next three years over an area of 10% of country’s landmass. China has already deployed unparalleled cloud seeding technology to induce rainfall by peppering clouds with catalysts such as silver iodide. Apart from China in APAC region, Zimbabwe is thinking for incorporating cloud seeding to ease an early-season drought that’s hurting crops and destroying cattle pastures. The drought has caused some farmers to delay planting summer crops, which include the country’s staple corn. For decades, Zimbabwe has seeded silver iodide clouds that can thicken them by cooling water droplets and making them heavier.

Drivers – Silver Iodide Market

  • The R&D in Cloud Seeding will drive Silver Iodide

In UAE researchers are exploring nanotechnology to enhance cloud seeding to produce rain. A new method of cloud seeding is being tested in a bid to increase rainfall in the UAE. The nanotechnology will accelerate water droplet formation on a typical cloud seeding material which has never been researched before. According to Professor Linda Zou, Khalifa University, “Nanotechnology opens up the prospect of engineering unique cloud seeding particles that makes the process of water condensation and rain precipitation more efficient”.

Challenges – Silver Iodide Market

  • Silver Iodide impact on environment can restrict the growth.

Silver iodide is widely utilized in cloud seeding to counter severe water or draught situation due to climate change. Despite being successful material for cloud seeding, the cloud seeding still has many problems. One of the factor is its being quite expensive and other is silver iodide being toxic in nature which in turn does soil contamination. The above stated factor can restrict the market growth of silver iodide in terms of consumption.

Market Landscape

Technology launches, acquisitions and R&D activities are key strategies adopted by players in the Silver Iodide market. In 2019, the market of Silver Iodide has been consolidated by the top five players accounting for xx% of the share. Major players in the Silver Iodide Market are Alfa Aesar, Sigma Aldrich, Avi Chem Industries, and ESPI Metals, among others. 

1. Silver Iodide Market- Market Overview
    1.1  Definitions and Scope
2. Silver Iodide Market- Executive Summary
    2.1 Market Revenue, Market Size and Key Trends
    2.2 Key Trends by Application
    2.3 Key Trends by Geography
3. Silver Iodide Market- Landscape
    3.1 Comparative analysis 
        3.1.1 Market Share Analysis- Top Companies
        3.1.2 Product Benchmarking- Top Companies
        3.1.3 Top 5 Financials Analysis
        3.1.4 Patent Analysis- Top Companies
        3.1.5 Pricing Analysis
4. Silver Iodide Market - Startup companies Scenario Premium Premium  
    4.1 Top startup company Analysis by
        4.1.1 Investment
        4.1.2 Revenue
        4.1.3 Market Shares
        4.1.4 Market Size and Application Analysis
        4.1.5 Venture Capital and Funding Scenario
5. Silver Iodide Market– Industry Market Entry Scenario Premium Premium  
    5.1 Regulatory Framework Overview
    5.2 New Business and Ease of Doing business index
    5.3 Case studies of successful ventures
    5.4 Customer Analysis – Top companies
6. Silver Iodide Market- Market Forces
    6.1 Market Drivers
    6.2 Market Constraints
    6.3 Market Opportunities
    6.4 Porters five force model
        6.4.1 Bargaining power of suppliers
        6.4.2 Bargaining powers of customers
        6.4.3 Threat of new entrants
        6.4.4 Rivalry among existing players
        6.4.5 Threat of substitutes 
7. Silver Iodide Market -Strategic analysis
    7.1 Value chain analysis
    7.2 Opportunities analysis
    7.3 Product life cycle
    7.4 Suppliers and distributors Analysis
8. Silver Iodide Market – By Application (Market Size -$Million, KT)
    8.1 Weather Modification
    8.2 Photography
    8.3 Medicine
    8.4 Others
9. Concrete Superplasticizers Market – By Geography (Market Size -$Million, KT)
    9.1. North America
        9.1.1 U.S.
        9.1.2 Canada
        9.1.3 Mexico
    9.2. South America
        9.2.1. Brazil
        9.2.2. Argentina
        9.2.3. Colombia
        9.2.4. Chile
        9.2.5. Rest of South America
    9.3. Europe
        9.3.1. U.K
        9.3.2. Germany
        9.3.3. France
        9.3.4. Italy
        9.3.5. Netherlands
        9.3.6. Russia
        9.3.7. Rest of Europe
    9.4. Asia Pacific
        9.4.1. China
        9.4.2. India
        9.4.3. South Korea
        9.4.4. Japan
        9.4.5. Rest of Asia Pacific
    9.5. Rest of The World
        9.5.1. Middle East
        9.5.2. Africa
10. Silver Iodide Market – Entropy 
    10.1 New Product Launches
    10.2 M&A’s, Collaborations, JVs and Partnerships
11. Silver Iodide Market- List of Key Companies Premium  
    11.1 Market Share Analysis
    11.2 Market Share by Country- Top companies
    11.3 Market Share by Region- Top companies
    11.4 Market Share by type of Application – Top companies
    11.5 Market Share by type of Product / Product category- Top companies
    11.6 Market Share at global level- Top companies
    11.7 Best Practices for companies
12. Silver Iodide Market- List of Key Companies Premium  
13. Silver Iodide Market Company Analysis
    13.1 Market Share, Company Revenue, Products, M&A, Developments
    13.2 Company 1
    13.3 Company 2
    13.4 Company 3
    13.5 Company 4
    13.6 Company 5
    13.7 Company 6
    13.8 Company 7
    13.9 Company 8
    13.10 Company 9
    13.11 Company 10 and more
"*Financials would be provided on a best efforts basis for private companies"
“**The same analysis will be provided for all the 10 companies listed above”
14. Silver Iodide Market - Appendix
    14.1 Abbreviations
    14.2 Sources
15. Silver Iodide Market - Methodology
    15.1 Research Methodology
        15.1.1 Company Expert Interviews
        15.1.2 Industry Databases
        15.1.3 Associations
        15.1.4 Company News
        15.1.5 Company Annual Reports
        15.1.6 Application Trends
        15.1.7 New Products and Product database
        15.1.8 Company Transcripts
        15.1.9 R&D Trends
        15.1.10 Key Opinion Leaders Interviews
        15.1.11 Supply and Demand Trends