U.K. Sputter Coating Market By Substrate (Glass, Metals, Semiconductors, Plastics & Others), By Application - Forecast(2024 - 2030)

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U.K. Sputter Coating Market Overview

U.K. Sputter Coating Market size is forecast to reach $X billion by 2025, after growing at a CAGR of XX% during 2020-2025. Sputter coatings are used in various end-use industries as it generates a transparent conductive oxide (TCO) film on the material which is conductive and enables charging to enhance the secondary electron signals for the topographic examination it reduces the thermal damage. The growth of the electrical & electronics industry in the developing economies due to the rising per-capita income, increasing consumer purchasing power, and lowering prices of electronics devices is fueling the growth of the U.K. sputter coating industry and is expected to drive in the forecast period.

U.K. Sputter Coating Market Report Coverage

The report: “U.K. Sputter Coating Market Report – Forecast (2020-2025)”, by IndustryARC, covers an in-depth analysis of the following segments of the U.K. Sputter Coating Industry.
By Substrate: Glass, Metals, Semiconductors, Plastics, and Others
By Application: Electronics, Aerospace, Automotive, Architectural Glass, Solar Panels, Microelectronics, Flat Panel Displays, and Others

Key Takeaways

  • In the U.K., the technology of sputter coating is increasingly applied in glass coating technology owing to which the rising technological innovation in glass displays will drive the market in the forecast period.
  • Due to an increase in demand for high-performance thin-film solar panels around the globe, the demand for sputter coatings is estimated to grow during the forecast period. 
  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation and lockdown in the U.K., the demand for coatings practically collapsed in many places for a time and seemed impossible to recover until governments relaxed their restrictive residence-at-home policies to allow the economies of their countries to return to some kind of normality.

U.K. Sputter Coating Market Segment Analysis - By Substrate 

The semiconductor substrate type sputter coaters are widely used in the U.K. sputter coating market. In the semiconductor industry, sputtering is commonly used for depositing thin films of different materials into integrated circuit processing. The growing demand for semiconductors for a variety of applications, such as communications systems, automotive equipment, consumer electronics, and industrial electronics, is driving the use of sputter coaters in the semiconductor. Also, the technological innovations in the semiconductor industry have to lead to the growth of the internet of things (IoT) market in the U.K. Therefore, the increasing demand for the IoT market is expected to significantly drive the market for sputter coatings in the forecast period.

U.K. Sputter Coating Market Segment Analysis - By Application 

The electronics industry held the largest share in the U.K. sputter coating market in 2019. U.K. sputter coating allows control of structure, density, and stoichiometry of the films. These coatings can reduce friction and has superior hardness, durability, and resistance to wear properties, which provides a barrier against damage owing to which it is highly preferred in the electronics industry. U.K. sputter coatings can also be extremely resistant to tarnishing and rust, and they can be used in the electronics industry for a wide variety of decorative finishes with non-fading colors during. Also, sputter coating produces brilliant finishes that make watches highly resistant to scratches and scrapes that wear off less resilient processes and is estimated to lead towards the growth of the market during the forecast period. 

U.K. Sputter Coating Market Segment Analysis - By Country 

U.K. sputter coating market share is growing at a moderate pace. Due to the growing electronics demand from the emerging economies in the U.K. the growth of the sputter coatings market in the country is increasing. Some of the factors contributing towards the growth of the electronics industry in this region are rising per capita disposable income, increasing consumer purchasing power, increasing need for smart built-up and thinner electronics, decreasing prices of electronics products, and lucrative government initiatives. The region's increasing automobile production and sales are also contributing to the growth of the product market due to rising per capita income and improving living standards. According to the GOV.UK, The UK has a 40% share of Europe’s electronics design industry. Companies such as Arm helped to develop the United Kingdom being a major contributor to the design of semiconductors. The UK has expertise in several areas such as integrated circuits (ICs), optoelectronics, and radio frequency (RF) devices such as monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) and electronic components. 

U.K. Sputter Coating Market Drivers

Increasing demand for sputter coatings in the telecommunication industry

Increasing demand for voice over LTE (VOLTE) services in developing regions is expected to drive the market for sputter coatings in the telecommunication industry. Voice over LTE (VoLTE) is a digital packet technology that makes use of 4G LTE networks to route and transmit voice traffic. In devices such as smartphones, data terminals, IoT devices, and wearables, this voice service is the standard for wireless high-speed communication. Also, the demand for enhanced telecommunications is expected to generate the need for enhanced smartphones with enhanced network capability. The overall semiconductor sector is also expected to develop robustly with the increase in the telecommunications and smartphone industries. According to Statista, in the U.K., in 2024, the number of monthly active smartphone users is projected to grow steadily and reach to 61.06 million individuals. 

Growing need of sputter coatings in solar panels

Solar power panels and photovoltaic products are highly in demand in the world today. Advances in thin-film photovoltaic technology such as sputtering coating allow solar energy to be generated without pollution and emissions from the sunlight. Thin film technology has a global reputation in the field of thin-film deposition processes and it also paves the way for innovative techniques in large-scale applications. Sputter coating has made the use of solar cells more feasible as regards product design and manufacturing. A sputtering technique using processes at low temperatures and without any hazardous gas diffusion at high temperatures can lead to functional devices, too. Hence the increasing use of sputter coating for solar panels will increase the lifetime of the equipment and lead towards the growth of the market in the forecast period.

U.K. Sputter Coating Market Challenges

The high price of sputter coatings

The price of sputter coaters is directly proportional to the costs involved in the development of their technology, complex production processes, and targets used in machine/equipment/sputter coater systems. Key players in the industry have developed high-cost technologies to develop sputter coaters to meet customer requirements. These inventions are proprietary and are difficult for small companies to create. This increases production costs and leads to a rise in sputter coater prices. This high price can hinder the use of sputter coaters in various price-sensitive applications. Hence, the increasing price of sputter coatings will create hurdles in the market for U.K. sputter coating over the forecast period.

U.K. Sputter Coating Market Landscape

Technology launches, acquisitions, and R&D activities are key strategies adopted by players in the U.K. sputter coating market. In 2019, the market of the U.K. sputter coating market has been consolidated by the top five players accounting for xx% of the share. Major players in the U.K. sputter coating market are KG Coating Ltd., Mantis Deposition Ltd, Siltint Industries, Vacuum Coatings Ltd (Scientific Mirrors), Cressington Scientific Instruments Ltd., Bobst Manchester Ltd, Emitech (International) Ltd., among others.

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