India Ammonia Refrigerant Market - Forecast(2024 - 2030)

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As India is a developing country, population migration to cities is predicted to increase by 30% by 2020. This is likely to show a substantial growth in the food and beverage sectors, which should also spark growth in the ammonia refrigeration industry as many multinational corporations are shifting towards the use of natural refrigerants. In India, the Ammonia Refrigeration industry is estimated to be worth around 200 million US dollars, and the average growth rate estimated to be 10%.

What are Ammonia Refrigerants?
Ammonia is the oldest natural refrigerant which is used worldwide in the Refrigeration Industry. Ammonia refrigerant is commonly known as R717 and its chemical formula is NH3. It is also the only refrigerant outside the halocarbons group like CFCs, CFHCs. Ammonia has the highest refrigerating capacity per pound of any refrigerant including halocarbons and a number of other excellent thermal properties that make it popular for a number of refrigeration applications.
This report incorporates an in-depth assessment of India Ammonia Refrigerant market by materials, type, applications and geography.

Major applications of Ammonia Refrigerants:
Ammonia is used as a refrigerant in the refrigeration systems of food industry like dairies, ice creams plants, frozen food production plants, cold storage warehouses, processors of fish, poultry and meat and a number of other applications. It has many advantages like Energy Efficiency, Environment-friendly, Small pipe sizes, Better heat transfer and less refrigerant price. 

Trends in India Ammonia Refrigerant Market:
  • One of the most important trends in India under the present circumstances is to use refrigerants which are environment-friendly, which should not become a reason for Global Warming and Ozone Layer Depletion. It is determined by the Global Warming Potential (GWP) and Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) of the refrigerant. Ammonia’s Global Warming Potential is less than 1, while Hydro Fluoro Carbon (HFC) R-404A refrigerant has a GWP of 3700 and Hydro Chloro Fluoro Carbon (HCFC) R-22 refrigerant has a GWP of 1790. Ozone Depletion potential (ODP) of Ammonia Refrigerant is zero, while R-22 has 0.04. Hence, there is no need to retrofit the existing Ammonia Refrigerant Systems to make it environmentally friendly, like what we have to do for HFC Refrigeration systems. All above parameters justify the use of ammonia as the refrigerant and are the only environmental friendly refrigerant suitable in Indian tropical conditions.

Key Players in India Ammonia Refrigerant market:
The companies referred to in the market research report includes industry key players in the Refrigerant market in India. They are Daikin Industries, Ltd., Johnson Controls Inc., Emerson Electric Co., GEA Group AG, United Technologies Corporation, Mayekawa Mfg. Co. Ltd, BITZER Kuhlmaschinenbau GmbH, Evapco Inc., Ingersoll Rand Plc, The Danfoss Group, LU-VE Group, Lennox International Inc., and Baltimore Aircoil Company among others.

What is our report scope?
The report incorporates in-depth assessment of the competitive landscape, product market sizing, product benchmarking, market trends, product developments, financial analysis, strategic analysis and so on to gauge the impact forces and potential opportunities of the market. Apart from this the report also includes a study of major developments in the market such as product launches, agreements, acquisitions, collaborations, mergers and so on to comprehend the prevailing market dynamics at present and its impact during the forecast period 2018-2023.

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Key Takeaways from this Report
  • Evaluate market potential through analyzing growth rates (CAGR %), Volume (Units) and Value ($M) data given at country level – for product types, end use applications and by different industry verticals.
  • Understand the different dynamics influencing the market – key driving factors, challenges and hidden opportunities.
  • Get in-depth insights on your competitor performance – market shares, strategies, financial benchmarking, product benchmarking, SWOT and more.
  • Analyze the sales and distribution channels across key geographies to improve top-line revenues.
  • Understand the industry supply chain with a deep-dive on the value augmentation at each step, in order to optimize value and bring efficiencies in your processes. 
  • Get a quick outlook on the market entropy – M&A’s, deals, partnerships, product launches of all key players for the past 4 years. 
  • Evaluate the supply-demand gaps, import-export statistics and regulatory landscape for more than top 20 countries globally for the market. 
1. India Ammonia Refrigerant Market overview
2. India Ammonia Refrigerant Market Executive summary
3. India Ammonia Refrigerant Market Landscape
   3.1. Market share analysis
   3.2. Comparative analysis
      3.2.1. Product Benchmarking
      3.2.2. End-user profiling
      3.2.3. Patent Analysis
      3.2.4. Top 5 Financials Analysis
4. India Ammonia Refrigerant Market forces
   4.1. Market drivers
   4.2. Market constraints
   4.3. Market challenges
   4.4. Porters five force model
      4.4.1. Bargaining power of suppliers
      4.4.2. Bargaining powers of customers
      4.4.3. The threat of new entrants
      4.4.4. Rivalry among existing players
      4.4.5. Threat of substitutes 
5. India Ammonia Refrigerant Market Strategic Analysis
   5.1. Value Chain Analysis
   5.2. Pricing Analysis
   5.3. Opportunities Analysis
   5.4. Product Life Cycle
   5.5. Suppliers and Distributors
6. India Ammonia Refrigerant Market – By Product Type
   6.1. Refrigerators
   6.2. Air Conditioners
   6.3. District Cooling Systems
   6.4. Chillers
7. India Ammonia Refrigerant Market – By End-Use Industry
   7.1. Industrial
         7.1.1. Distribution cold stores 
        7.1.2. Freezing tunnels 
        7.1.3. Breweries 
        7.1.4. Food processing
       Slaughter Houses
         Ice Cream Factories
           7.1.5. Fish trawlers
   7.2. Commercial
   7.3. Transportation
8. India Ammonia Refrigerant Market Entropy
    8.1. New product launches
    8.2. M&A’s, collaborations, JVs and partnerships
9. Company profiles
    9.1. Daikin Industries Ltd.
    9.2. Johnson Controls Inc.
    9.3. Emerson Electric Co.
    9.4. GEA Group AG
    9.5. United Technologies Corporation
    9.6. Mayekawa Mfg. Co. Ltd
    9.7. Company 7
    9.8. Company 8
    9.9. Company 9
    9.10. Company 10
*More than 10 Companies are profiled in this Research Report*
"*Financials would be provided on a best efforts basis for private companies"
10. Appendix 
   10.1. Abbreviations
   10.2. Sources
   10.3. Research Methodology
   10.4. Bibliography
   10.5. Compilation of Experts
   10.6. Disclaimer