TDLAS Gas Analyzer Market - Forecast(2024 - 2030)

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TDLAS Gas Analyzer Market Overview

The market for TDLAS Gas Analyzer is forecast to reach $421.3 million by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 5.5% from 2021 to 2026. The NIR TDLAS Gas Analyzer technology is segmented into two types by methodology, of which the in-situ has the widest variety of applications and held the largest market share estimated to around 60% in 2020. Asia – Pacific held the largest market share of 31% in 2020 from overall global NIR TDLAS Gas Analyzer market. Growth in this region is attributed to the ever-increasing demand from various industry verticals including food and beverage, chemicals, oil & gas and others. Moreover, this region is witnessing a significant growth of around 6.10% during the forecast period 2021– 2026. The surge in demand for biomass as a source of power generation, has significantly boosted the market growth. TDLAS NIR analyzers are being vastly used in biomass sector for determining the composition of biomass. The rising demand for residual gas analyzer, limoisture analyzer, oxygen analyzer and Ammonia Analyzer are projected to drive market growth.

Report Coverage

The report: “TDLAS Gas Analyzer Market– Forecast (2021-2026)”, by IndustryARC covers an in-depth analysis of the following segments of the TDLAS Gas Analyzer Market.
By Mode: Single Mode, Multi Mode
By Wavelength: NIR, SWIR, MWIR,LWIR, Microwave, Visible Light, UV Light and Others
By Methodology: In Situ, Extractive
By Laser Type: VCSEL, DFB, FP, DBR, DML and Others
By Laser Coherence Lenght: Upto 1m, 1-5m, 5-10m, 10-20m, 20-50m, 50-80m and Above 80m
By Laser Optical Output Power: <100mW, 100-500mW, 500-1000mW, 1-10W, 10-50W, 50-100W, Above 100W
By Gas Type: Oxygen, HX, COX, H20, H2S, CXHX, NH3 and Others
By End User Industry: Oil and Gas, Metal and Mining, Fertilizer, Chemical, Power and Energy, Water and Wastewater, Medicala nd Lifesciences, Cosntruction and Cement, Infrastructure and Others
By Geography - North America (U.S, Canada, Mexico), South America(Brazil, Argentina and others), Europe (Germany, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Russia and Others), APAC(China, Japan India, SK, Aus and Others), and RoW (Middle east and Africa).

Key Takeaways

  • The TDLAS Gas Analyzer Market is estimated to witness a sustainable growth over the forecast period majorly role in giving security, safety and various applications in Industries and other workplaces.
  • Due to increasing extraction and shipping of resources in various Oil and Gas Industries, the scope of different TDLAS Gas Analyzers has increased rapidly which boost its market growth.
  • Ongoing Industrialization and Urbanization in major economies such as USA, Canada, China, India and others, the presence of harmful gases in atmosphere and increased rapidly which uplifts the demand of TDLAS Gas Analyzers in global market.
  • With the rise in Governmental regulations and Environmental concerns against the rising air pollution intensity with hazardous gases in atmosphere, installation of TDLAS Gas Analyzers in all workplaces and near hospitals and Other public places tends to drive the market growth.

TDLAS Gas Analyzer Market, By Geography, 2020

TDLAS Gas Analyzer Market

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TDLAS Gas Analyzer Market Segment Analysis - By Wavelength

NIR TDLAS Gas Analyzers has dominated the TDLAS Gas Analyzer Market at 24% share in 2020 as compared to the Fixed TDLAS Gas Analyzers. In January 2020, Enbridge and Annova LNG signed an agreement for the expansion of Enbridge's Valley Crossing natural gas pipeline from Agua Dulce to Brownsville, Texas. Moreover, the downstream pipeline projects will also have swift rise in project investments, particularly in the developing South-East Asian countries. These investment activities along with emerging shale gas segment drives the extraction and processing activities thus leading to an increased need for efficient TDLAS NIR gas analyzers. Research works have been carried out to determine the viability of NIR spectroscopy as an alternative method for monitoring and control of activated sludge wastewater treatment processes having advantages both in terms of efficient determination of process parameters (fast, in situ and requiring no toxic reagents) and in terms of process monitoring. These initiatives will propel the market in the coming years

TDLAS Gas Analyzer Market Segment Analysis - By End-Use Industry

Among all the other end-user industries, the NIR TDLAS Gas Analyzer Market was dominated by oil and gas vertical as they held the largest market share of around 29% in 2020. Additionally, the Infrastructure sector is witnessing a significant growth rate estimated to around a CAGR of 10.7% during the forecast period 2021– 2026. The NIR TDLAS Gas Analyzer technology is segmented into nineteen types by gas, of which he Moisture/ Water Vapor (H2O) has the widest variety of applications and held the largest market share estimated at around 12.8% in 2020. Tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS) may provide an alternative to traditional methods of determining manure nutrients because NIRS can provide fast and accurate results. Recently, several researchers have demonstrated that TDLAS can be used to analyze the nutrient contents in different manure samples.

TDLAS Gas Analyzer Market Segment Analysis - By Geography

Asia-Pacific has been accounted for being the highest market at 31.2% share in 2020 among all the regions by geography. In July 2020, U.S., Mexico and Canada entered into an agreement called the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), which is a critical milestone for the North American steel sector, its workers, and its supply chains. The USMCA will strengthen the competitiveness of all three trading partners while enhancing the development of North America’s globally competitive advanced manufacturing sector, particularly for North American steel producers. Such initiatives will create more opportunities for NIR TDLAS gas analyzers during the forecast period 2020 – 2025. Moreover, TDLAS Near-Infrared (NIR) analyzers are used to monitor the hydrocarbon composition of various streams in the Petrochemical and Refining Industries.

TDLAS Gas Analyzer Market Drivers

Need to Minimize Harmful Emissions

The price of energy and the demand for energy are continuously increasing. Therefore, industrialists are looking at optimizations in the energy industry's manufacturing phase. Continuous emissions of toxic gases as a result of different combustion processes are the other issue relevant to energy generation. The need to regulate the air-fuel ratio in power generation plants has become increasingly important as a consequence of each of these factors. TDLAS allow a wide range of measurements of combustion gases that are fast and accurate. They are systems of rapid response and have elevated spectral resolutions that can be achieved. In response to the assessed outcome, faster responses result in the elicitation of corrective behavior. Thus, the factors prove the importance of a TDLAS and are expected to drive TDLAS Market. TDLAS are compact, have high radiance forces, can be used in harsh climate conditions and can also be subjected to high pressures and temperatures. In addition, at higher frequencies, these can be easily modulated and have the capacity to have very low detection limits and are fast response systems. Improved measuring speed benefits from fast response times. Adding to the above factors, regular maintenance is not needed for a TDLAS. Compared to traditional gas analyzers, the overall cost of ownership associated with a TDLAS is considerably lower due to lower maintenance costs. This is expected to boost the market growth.

Increasing demand for Boiler, SCR technology and DeNOx systems in various industries

The increasing demand for SCR technology with DeNOX (Denitrification) systems for environmental protection reason will drive the adoption of TDLAS. Furthermore the growing need for an updated solution for pollution analysis, moisture analyzer, oxygen analyzer, residual gas analyzer, monitoring and carbonization in oil & gas, metal and cement industry is expected to propel the growth of TDLAS gas analyzer market. In industries such as oil & gas, chemical & pharmaceutical, electricity, and other industries, boilers are widely used. As coal (fuel) is burned, certain traces of unburned carbon are released that are highly reactive and increase the amount of pollution. SCR applications also include plant and refining heaters and boilers in the chemical manufacturing industry, furnaces, coke ovens, as well as municipal waste plants and incinerators, in addition to coal-fired cogeneration and gas turbines. The supply of oxygen for proper combustion must be increased to reduce the emission of unburned fuel. TDLAS is used in different industries to measure the level of pollution at a variety of control points, such as boilers, DeNOx, and others. The growing number of projects in coal-based power plants need boilers, which are expected to drive the TDLAS market. Countries are deeply concerned about reducing their carbon footprints by investing in upgrades and introducing new boilers. Likewise, the demand for DeNOx systems and services is driven by the growing stringency of regulations on the emission of NOx gases from industries.

TDLAS Gas Analyzer Market Challenges

High Lead Times

Lead time is the timeframe between when the consumer places an order and the date on which the products are available for use after installation. The lead time is measured as the difference between the date requested and the purchase order's actual receipt date. TDLAS manufacturing companies are ordered by process sectors such as cement, power, pulp and paper, fertilizer, and others. Some lead time for design and production is provided by TDLAS suppliers. Thus, prior to the realization of demand, the production lead time forces companies to make TDLAS production decisions. It takes time for TDLAS to be manufactured, transported through the supply chain, and distributed to the process sectors. At specific checkpoints, TDLAS is then installed in these industries. From orders to design, manufacturing, installation to the necessary location, this complete process takes a few weeks. Therefore the lead time is about a few weeks for TDLAS. There is more taken in to account by the TDLAS manufacturing firms, which is a big challenge for the TDLAS Gas Analyzer market.

TDLAS Gas Analyzer Market Landscape

Product launches, acquisitions, and R&D activities are key strategies adopted by players in the TDLAS Gas Analyzer Market. The TDLAS Gas Analyzer Market is dominated by major companies such as Ametek, Siemens, ABB, Neomonitors, Emerson, Shinyei Technology, Spectris, Baker Hughes and Mettler Toledo.

Acquisitions/Technology Launches/Partnerships

  • In October 2020, ABB launched Microguard Solution which detects dangerous gas leaks as it uses laser based technology. Through this the surveyors can quickly find the leaks on foot.
  • In March 2019, Emerson launched Rosemount CT4400 gas analyser which is a Tunable diode laser and QCL quantum cascade laser. It is used for emission monitoring and Nox measurement in industrial processes

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    1.1 Definitions and Scope
2. TDLAS Gas Analyzer Market - Executive Summary
    2.1 Market Revenue, Market Size and Key Trends by Company
    2.2 Key trends by Mode
    2.3 Key trends segmented by Geography
3. TDLAS Gas Analyzer Market
    3.1 Comparative Analysis
        3.1.1 Product/Service Benchmarking-Top 5 Companies
        3.1.2 Top 5 Financial Analysis
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        3.1.4 Patent Analysis
        3.1.5 Pricing Analysis
4. TDLAS Gas Analyzer Market - Market Forces
    4.1 Market Drivers
    4.2 Market Constraints/Challenges
    4.3 Porters five force model
        4.3.1 Bargaining power of suppliers
        4.3.2 Bargaining powers of customers
        4.3.3 Threat of new entrants
        4.3.4 Rivalry among existing players
        4.3.5 Threat of substitutes
5. TDLAS Gas Analyzer Market  – By Strategic Analysis  (Market Size -$Million/Billion)
    5.1 Value Chain Analysis
    5.2 Opportunities Analysis
    5.3 Product Life Cycle/Market Life Cycle Analysis
    5.4 Suppliers and Distributors
    5.5 Contractor and Service Provider Analysis
6. TDLAS Gas Analyzer Market – By Mode
    6.1 Single Mode
    6.2 Multi Mode
7. TDLAS Gas Analyzer Market – By Wavelength
    7.1 NIR
    7.2 SWIR
    7.3 MWIR
    7.4 LWIR
    7.5 Microwave
    7.6 Visible Light
    7.7 UV Light
    7.8 Others
8. TDLAS Gas Analyzer Market – By Methodology
    8.1 In Situ
    8.2 Extractive
9. TDLAS Gas Analyzer Market – By Laser Type
    9.1 VCSEL Laser
    9.2 DFB Laser
    9.3 FP Laser
    9.4 DBR Laser
    9.5 DML Laser
    9.6 Others
10. TDLAS Gas Analyzer Market – By Laser Coherence Length
    10.1 Upto 1m
    10.2 1 - 5 m
    10.3 5 - 10 m
    10.4 10 - 20 m
    10.5 20 - 50 m
    10.6 50 - 80 m
    10.7 Above 80 m
11. TDLAS Gas Analyzer Market – By Laser Optical Output Power
    11.1 <100 mW
    11.2 100-500 mW
    11.3 500-1000 mW
    11.4 1 - 10 W
    11.5 10 - 50 W
    11.6 50 - 100 W
    11.7 Above 100 W
12. TDLAS Gas Analyzer Market – By Gas Type
    12.1 Oxygen Analyzer
    12.2 COX Analyzer
    12.3 HX Analyzer
    12.4 Moisture/ Water Vapor Analyzer (H2O)
    12.5 Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Analyzer
    12.6 CXHX Analyzer
    12.7 Ammonia Analyzer (NH3)
    12.8 Others
13. TDLAS Gas Analyzer Market- By End User
    13.1 Oil and Gas
    13.2 Mining and Metal
    13.3 Fertilizer
    13.4 Chemical
    13.5 Power and Energy
    13.6 Water and Wastewater
    13.7 Medical and Life Sciences
    13.8 Construction and Cement
    13.9 Infrastructure
    13.1O thers
14. TDLAS Gas Analyzer Market – By Geography
    14.1 North America
        14.1.1 U.S
        14.1.2 Canada
        14.1.3 Mexico
    14.2 South America
        14.2.1 Brazil
        14.2.2 Argentina
        14.2.3 Chile
        14.2.4 Colombia
        14.2.5 Rest of South America
    14.3 Europe
        14.3.1 U.K
        14.3.2 Germany
        14.3.3 France
        14.3.4 Italy
        14.3.5 Spain
        14.3.6 Netherlands
        14.3.7 Russia
        14.3.8 Rest of Europe
    14.4 Asia Pacific (APAC)
        14.4.1 China
        14.4.2 Japan
        14.4.3 Australia
        14.4.4 India
        14.4.5 South Korea
        14.4.6 Indonesia
        14.4.7 Malaysia
        14.4.8 Singapore
        14.4.9 Rest of APAC
    14.5 Rest of world (RoW)
        14.5.1 Middle East
        14.5.2 Africa
15. TDLAS Gas Analyzer Market  - Market Entropy
    15.1 New Product Launches
    15.2 M&As, Collaborations, JVs and Partnerships
16. TDLAS Gas Analyzer Market - Company Analysis
    16.1 Company 1
    16.2 Company 2
    16.3 Company 3
    16.4 Company 4
    16.5 Company 5
    16.6 Company 6
    16.7 Company 7
    16.8 Company 8
    16.9 Company 9
    16.10 Company 10