Thailand Professional Hair Care Market - Forecast(2024 - 2030)

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Thailand Professional Hair Care Products Market includes the study of Back Bar and Over-the-Counter products sold in the year 2015 and estimation of market size for 2020.
  • Back bar products are used by professionals/stylists for the services in the salon.
  • Over-the-Counter or take-home /salon retail products are the professional hair care products that are sold over the salon counter by  hairdressers or hair specialists and sales through other retail formats such as speciality stores, supermarkets, online etc.
  • The report focuses more on the products sold and used for services in salon
  • Geographically, the report focuses on 7 administrative regions of Thailand with focus on 4 major locations: Bangkok Metropolis (Capital City), Phuket, Udon Thani & Chiang Mai.
  • This report deals with 4 major hair-care categories namely, Hair coloring, straightening and perming, shampooing and conditioning and Hair styling.

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1. Thailand Professional Hair Care Products Market Scope
   1.1. Scope by Categories, Geography and Sales Channel
   1.2. Survey Questionnaire : Key Data Points
   1.3. Category Definitions
2. Thailand Country Overview.
   2.1. Introduction
       2.1.1. Economic indicators
    GDP Statistics
    Personal Care Expenditure Statistics
       2.1.2. Country Demographic Projections
3. Thailand Cosmetics & Personal Care Market Overview
4. Thailand Professional Hair Care Products Market Overview
   4.1. Market Drivers
   4.2. Market Restraints
   4.3. Opportunities
5. Thailand Salon Landscape
   5.1. By Category
       5.1.1. Organized
       5.1.2. Unorganized
   5.2. By Price
       5.2.1. Price Analysis for Hair Care Services (Average)
   5.3. By Location
       5.3.1. Distribution by Location (% Share)
6. Thailand Professional Hair Care Market Revenue (2014-2020)
   6.1. Thailand Professional Hair Care Market Overview
       6.1.1. Trends
       6.1.2. Insights
   6.2. By Product Category (Key Developments & Segment Share Analysis)
       6.2.1. Coloring
       6.2.2. Perming & Straightening
       6.2.3. Shampoo & Conditioning
       6.2.4. Styling
7. Thailand Professional Hair Care Market by Distribution Channel
   7.1. Direct
   7.2. Distributor / Wholesalers
   7.3. Others
8. Thailand Professional Hair Care Market Share Analysis
9. Top 5 Company Profiles (Trends, Developments, Market Share by Product Category)
   9.1. L'Oréal Group
   9.2. Henkel AG & Co., KGaA
   9.3. S.C. Artistry Co., Ltd
   9.4. MCIC Group
   9.5. Berina Cosmetics Pvt Ltd
"*Financials would be provided on a best efforts basis for private companies"
10. Appendix:
   10.1. Sample Survey Questionnaire
   10.2. Respondents Snapshot
   10.3. Research Methodology
   10.4. Disclaimer