Long Term Evolution (LTE) Market

Long Term Evolution (LTE) is 4G wireless broadband technology or mobile network technology that support mixed data, voice, video and messaging traffic through cell phones, tablets and other hand held devices. These are also known as 3rd generation partnership project long term evolution and facilitate smooth and efficient transitions for advanced technologies with high speed and technology. This is used for tracking, mobile communication, data streaming and other applications. This technology replaces Universal Mobile Telecommunication Systems (UMTS). LTE operates under a trademark of European Telecommunications Standard Institute.

Key drivers contributing towards LTE market are growing demand for high speed internet data in end-user verticals including Entertainment, E-Commerce and Social Media; upsurge in utilization of Wireless Devices and M2M applications; proliferation of technologies such as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), Universal Wi-Fi, Network Connectivity and Data Transmission Services.

The global Long Term Evolution (LTE) Market report is segmented on the basis of Technology, Components, devices, applications and also by Users and Penetration Rates across Countries. The different types of technologies used in LTE are LTE – FDD, LTE – TDD, LTE- Duplex Neutral, LTE – Advanced and others. Mainly components consist of LTE – Chipset/module, LTE – Network Equipment, LTE – Testing Equipment, LTE Network Services Market. LTE enabled Smartphone, LTE enabled Tablets, Connected Devices and a few others are the main devices of LTE market. Applications are Voice over LTE, Machine to Machine, Video on Demand, Defence, IP Surveillance and browsing, Others

Long Term Evolution (LTE) Market

The geography of the LTE market in this report is analysed into Americas, Europe, APAC and ROW. Americas is the leading market for LTE market due to earlier adoption in North America complimented by its cost effectiveness compared to 3G. APAC is projected to be the fastest growing market in LTE technology during the forecast period. The growth is the result from increase in requirement for high speed wireless data and communications and infrastructural developments in developing countries lying particularly in South-East Asia.

Sample Companies Profiled in this Report are:
  • NSN (Finland),
  • Alcatel Lucent (France),
  • Huawei (China),
  • AT&T (the U.S),
  • 10+.
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