Europe Sweet & Savory Spreads Market - Forecast(2024 - 2030)

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Spread is added onto food stuffs especially on bakery foods such as breads and crackers. Spreads add taste, color as well as texture the food stuffs. Sales of sweet & savory spreads are highly related to bakery foods consumption of particular region. The consumer choice regarding spreads depends on the food stuff that is being consumed, required taste profile and other factors such as sugar content, naturalness, source of the spread and so on. Spreads are mostly available as bottled and canned products. Squeeze containers are becoming popular in most of as they are flexible while using. Few sources of spreads include fruits, nuts, dairy, yeast and so on, of which fruit preserves especially jam is highly consumed across the world.

Europe is a saturated market for sweet & savory spreads as the consumption of bakery foods is highly penetrated in most of the European nations.  Manufacturers have been trying to sustain the market demand by launching low-calorie and low- sugar spreads to meet the changing preferences of the consumers in this region. . The market is characterized with high availability of spreads across various distribution channels and consumer preference to wide variety of spreads.. The market for savory spreads is estimated to rise due to the increasing demand from older people. Furthermore, this market is propelled by rising concern on sugar intake among European consumers. The market is led by the domestic companies with high concentration of companies in Western Europe.

The report analyzes the market based on type of sweet and savory spreads namely: Honey, Chocolate Spreads, Fruit preserves, Nut & seed-based spreads and others. The report provides detailed analysis on distribution landscape and potential of various distribution channels such as Supermarkets/Hypermarkets, Convenience stores, specialty food stores, grocery stores and others. Country specific trends and market dynamics are also covered in the report.

Sample Companies profiled in this Report are:
  • Ferroro Group
  • Hero AG
  • Andros SAS
  • 10+.
1. Europe: Macroeconomic Snapshot
2. Europe Sweet & Savory Spreads Market Overview
   2.1. Scope of the Study
   2.2. Definitions
3. Executive Summary
4. Europe Sweet & Savory Spreads: Market Landscape
   4.1. Market Share Analysis
      4.1.1. U.K.
   Highly competitive market with Andro Group, Unilever and Ferroro being the dominant players
      4.1.2. France
   Ferrero France is the market leader with one-fourth of the market share 
      4.1.3. Italy
      4.1.4. Germany
   Ferrero Deutschland GmbH dominates the market with its flagship brand Nutella
      4.1.5. Russia
      4.1.6. Turkey
      4.1.7. Rest of the Europe
   4.2. Competitive Developments
      4.2.1. Companies are focusing on organic products with more importance to healthy spreads
      4.2.2. The market has witnessed several products with ‘no additives’ as well as low-sugar and low-fat
   4.3. Consumer Insights
      4.3.1. Health and wellness spreads continue to grow
      4.3.2. Rising awareness on spreads with reduced fat and sugars
5. Europe Sweet & Savory Spreads Market: By Type
   5.1. Honey
      5.1.1. Consistent growth in France and Norway
   5.2. Fruit preserves 
      5.2.1. Jam
      5.2.2. Jelly
      5.2.3. Marmalade
      5.2.4. Others
   5.3. Chocolate spreads
      5.3.1. High demand in Belgium, Germany and Turkey
   5.4. Nut and seed based
      5.4.1. Key Trends:
   Increasing preference for nut based spreads in Ireland and U.K.
      5.4.2. Hazelnut
      5.4.3. Hummus
      5.4.4. Peanut
      5.4.5. Others
   5.5. Others
6. Europe Sweet & Savory Spreads Market: By Distribution Channel
   6.1. Supermarkets/Hypermarkets
      6.1.1. Spreads are primarily sold through Supermarkets and Hypermarkets in U.K.
   6.2. Convenience Stores
   6.3. Grocery stores
   6.4. Specialty food stores
   6.5. Others
7. Europe Sweet & Savory Spreads Market: By Country
   7.1. U.K.
      7.1.1. Rising demand for nut and seed based spreads
   7.2. Germany
      7.2.1. Dominant and mature market for sweet & savory spreads
   7.3. France
   7.4. Italy
      7.4.1. Expected to witness sluggish growth in the coming years
   7.5. Russia
   7.6. Turkey
      7.6.1. Fastest growing market with fruit preserves as the major growth contributor
   7.7. Rest of the Europe
8. Europe Sweet & Savory Spreads Market: Company Profiles
   8.1. Ferroro Group
   8.2. Orkla Group
   8.3. Bernard Michaud SA
   8.4. Hero Group
   8.5. Unilever Group
   8.6. Premier Foods Plc
   8.7. Zentis GmbH & Co KG
   8.8. Andros Group
   8.9. Fürsten-Reform GmbH & Co
   8.10. Nutrexpa SA
*More than 10 Companies are profiled in this Research Report*
"*Financials would be provided on a best efforts basis for private companies"
9. Appendix
   9.1. Abbreviations
   9.2. Sources
   9.3. Research Methodology
   9.4. Disclaimer