Cascara Based Drinks Market - Forecast(2024 - 2030)

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Cascara Based Drinks Market Overview:

Cascara Drinks Market size is estimated to reach $1.2 billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 10.2% over the forecast period 2024-2030. The Cascara-based drinks market has experienced significant growth in recent years, driven by rising consumer interest in unique and sustainable beverage options. Cascara, the dried husk of coffee cherries, has found its way into various beverages, including teas, sodas, and energy drinks, due to its fruity and slightly sweet flavor profile. This trend has been supported by the growing demand for natural, caffeine-rich alternatives to traditional coffee and tea, the demand for Cascara-based drinks is likely to increase.              

Additionally, the market has benefited from the increasing focus on sustainable and waste-reducing practices in the coffee industry, as Cascara repurposes a byproduct that would otherwise go to waste. Products with sustainability claims grew 2.7 times faster than those without. Online sales of sustainable products outpace in-store sales by 75%. As consumers continue to seek novel and environmentally conscious beverages, the Cascara-based drinks market is expected to expand further. These factors positively influence the Cascara Based Drinks industry outlook over the forecast period.

Market Snapshot:
Cascara Based Drinks Market - Report Coverage:

The Cascara Based Drinks Market Report - Forecast (2024-2030)” by IndustryARC, covers an in-depth analysis of the following segments in the Cascara Based Drinks Market.


                    Attribute                          Segment

By Type

  • Cascara Tea

  • Ready to drink Beverages

  •  Syrups

  • Others

By Ingredients

  • Single-Origin Cascara

  •   Blended Cascara

  • Organic/Natural

By Flavor

  • Fruity

  • Spiced

  •  Earthy

  • Others

By Packaging

  • Bottle

  •  Tin

  • Tetra Pak cartons

  • Others

By Preparation Method

  • Cold Brew Cascara

  • Carbonated

  •  Concentrates

  • Carbon free

  • Others

By Application

  • Mixers for Cocktails

  •  Dessert Pairings

  •  Functional Beverages

  • Iced Beverages

  •  Others

By Sales Channel

  • Online Stores

  •   Supermarkets

  •   Independent Retailers

  • Convenience Stores

  • Others

By Geography

  • North America (U.S., Canada and Mexico)

  • Europe (Germany, France, UK, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Russia, Belgium and Rest of Europe),

  • Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, South Korea, India, Australia & New Zealand, Indonesia, Taiwan, Malaysia and Rest of Asia-Pacific),

  •  South America (Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Rest of South America)

  •  Rest of the World (Middle East and Africa).


COVID-19 / Ukraine Crisis - Impact Analysis: 

      The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted the Cascara based drinks market. In the initial phases, supply chain disruptions and lockdown measures affected production and distribution, leading to temporary setbacks. However, as consumers sought healthier and immune-boosting beverage options, the market rebounded. The perceived health benefits of Cascara's antioxidants and natural caffeine content contributed to its resilience. The industry adapted by emphasizing online sales and direct-to-consumer channels. Despite challenges, the pandemic accelerated awareness and interest in Cascara-based drinks, setting the stage for sustained growth as consumers continue to prioritize wellness and unique beverage choices.

      The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has a discernible impact on the Cascara Based Drinks Market. While global commodity markets, including coffee, can be affected by geopolitical tensions, Cascara's niche status and production in regions unaffected by the crisis have insulated it to some extent. However, indirect repercussions such as potential disruptions in international trade routes and supply chain logistics could pose challenges in the future. As businesses closely monitor geopolitical developments, the Cascara-based drinks market remains relatively stable, with its growth primarily driven by factors like consumer demand for unique, sustainable beverages and the coffee industry's commitment to reducing waste.

Key Takeaways:

      Largest Growth of North America Region

Geographically, in the global Cascara based drinks market share, North America held the largest market share and is expected to grow with a CAGR of 9.1% over the forecast period 2024-2030. This surge can be attributed to a confluence of factors, including increasing consumer awareness of the health benefits associated with Cascara, which is the dried husk of coffee cherries. The trend towards sustainable and eco-friendly products has also fueled this growth, as Cascara-based beverages are often seen as a byproduct of coffee production, reducing waste. Additionally, innovative product offerings and unique flavor profiles are capturing the interest of consumers. With a growing preference for natural and functional beverages, North America's Cascara-based drinks market is expected to continue its upward trajectory, presenting lucrative opportunities for businesses in the region, it is poised to maintain its status as a driving force in the Cascara-based drinks market.

      Cascara Tea Segment to Register the Highest Growth

The Cascara tea segment is estimated to hold the largest market share in the global Cascara based drinks market and it is expected to grow with a CAGR of 9.5% over the forecast period 2024-2030. Cascara, the dried husk of coffee cherries, has gained popularity for its unique flavor profile and potential health benefits. In 2022, 58% of consumers exhibited a heightened inclination towards sustainable food and beverage choices, using them as a means to demonstrate their dedication to an environmentally responsible lifestyle. As consumers seek more sustainable and exotic beverage options, cascara tea stands out as a natural choice. Its rich antioxidants, mild caffeine content, and fruity notes make it an appealing alternative to traditional teas and coffee. Additionally, cascara aligns with the sustainability trend as it repurposes a byproduct of coffee production. This growing consumer interest, combined with innovative cascara-based drink formulations, is expected to propel the cascara tea segment to become the largest contributor to market expansion in the near future.

      The Fruity Sector is the Largest Segment in the Market

According to the Cascara-Based Drinks Market forecast, the Fruity sector is estimated to remain the largest market over the forecast period. As consumers increasingly seek healthier and more unique beverage options, cascara-based drinks infused with fruity flavors have gained immense popularity. The natural sweetness and vibrant profiles of fruits like berries, citrus, and tropical varieties complement the coffee cherry's unique and slightly tart cascara notes, creating a harmonious and refreshing fusion.

Consumer interest in immune-boosting products during the pandemic is driving the evolution of health-signaling citrus flavors and ingredients, with 78% of U.S. consumers seeking vitamin C-rich products. Brands are capitalizing on the association of citrus flavors with antioxidants and immune support, while exotic citrus flavors such as yuzu, blood orange, kumquat, and tangerine will offer unique profiles in the upcoming year, the Fruity Sector is witnessing unprecedented expansion, making it a pivotal player in the ever-evolving Cascara Based Drinks landscape.

      Rich in Antioxidants and Increasing Awareness about Cascara Health Benefits fuels the Growth in the Cascara Based Drinks Market.

Cascara, derived from the dried husks of coffee cherries, is brimming with antioxidants that combat oxidative stress and support overall well-being. Consumers are becoming more health-conscious, seeking alternatives to traditional beverages that offer not only unique flavors but also potential health perks. As research continues to unveil the advantages of Cascara, the market is poised for growth, attracting both health enthusiasts and those looking for novel and flavorful options in their daily beverages.

With its natural antioxidant richness and growing health-conscious consumer base, the Cascara based drinks market is poised for robust expansion, promising a flavorful and nutritious future for beverage enthusiasts. This trend underscores the increasing importance of natural and health-focused options in the ever-evolving beverage industry.

      Environmental Risks of Unexploited Cascara Can Hamper the Market Growth.

Cascara is increasingly popular as a sustainable and flavorful ingredient in beverages, but its production relies heavily on responsible and eco-friendly sourcing. Improper farming and processing practices can lead to deforestation, soil degradation, and water pollution, harming the ecosystems in coffee-growing regions. Climate change exacerbates these risks, making it imperative for the cascara industry to adopt sustainable practices and ensure a stable supply chain. Failure to address these environmental concerns could undermine the market's growth potential and consumer trust in cascara-based products.

Additionally, neglecting the environmental risks linked to cascara production may lead to regulatory hurdles and increased costs in the future, further hampering market growth. To sustain this emerging industry, stakeholders must prioritize sustainable sourcing, ethical farming practices, and environmentally conscious supply chains. Failure to do so not only threatens the cascara-based drinks market but also endangers the fragile ecosystems where coffee cherries are cultivated.

Cascara Based Drinks Market Share (%) By Region, 2023

Key Market Players:

Product/Service launches, approvals, patents and events, acquisitions, partnerships and collaborations are key strategies adopted by players in the Cascara Based Drinks Market. The top companies in this industry are listed below:

1.     Olam

2.     Nestle

3.     Applied Food Sciences

4.     ORAC Beverages

5.     Mountain Top Coffee

6.     Van Drunen Farms


Scope of Report:

              Report Metric                      Details

Base Year Considered

  • 2023

Forecast Period

  • 2024–2030


  • 10.2%

Market Size in 2030

  • $1.2 billion

Segments Covered

  • Type, Ingredients, Flavor, Packaging, Preparation Method, Application, Sales Channel and Region

Geographies Covered

  • North America (U.S., Canada and Mexico), Europe (Germany, France, UK, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Russia, Belgium and Rest of Europe), Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, South Korea, India, Australia & New Zealand, Indonesia, Taiwan, Malaysia and Rest of Asia-Pacific), South America (Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Rest of South America), Rest of the World (Middle East and Africa).

Key Market Players

  • Olam

  • Nestle

  • Applied Food Sciences

  • ORAC Beverages

  • Mountain Top Coffee

  • Van Drunen Farms

1.      Cascara Based Drinks Market - Overview

1.1     Definitions and Scope

2.      Cascara Based Drinks Market - Executive Summary

3.      Cascara Based Drinks Market - Comparative Analysis

3.1  Company Benchmarking - Key Companies

3.2  Global Financial Analysis - Key Companies

3.3  Market Share Analysis - Key Companies

3.4  Patent Analysis

3.5  Pricing Analysis

4.      Cascara Based Drinks Market - Start-up Companies Scenario 

4.1   Key Start-up Company Analysis by

4.1.1     Investment

4.1.2     Revenue

4.1.3     Venture Capital and Funding Scenario

5.      Cascara Based Drinks Market – Market Entry Scenario Premium 

5.1  Regulatory Framework Overview

5.2  New Business and Ease of Doing Business Index

5.3  Case Studies of Successful Ventures

6.      Cascara Based Drinks Market - Forces

6.1    Market Drivers

6.2    Market Constraints/Challenges

6.3    Porter’s Five Force Model

6.3.1     Bargaining power of suppliers

6.3.2     Bargaining powers of customers

6.3.3     Threat of new entrants

6.3.4     Rivalry among existing players

6.3.5     Threat of substitutes

7.      Cascara Based Drinks Market – Strategic Analysis

7.1   Value Chain Analysis

7.2   Opportunities Analysis

7.3   Market Life Cycle

8.      Cascara Based Drinks Market – By Types

8.1  Cascara Tea

8.2  Ready-to-drink Beverages

8.3  Syrups

8.4  Others

9.      Cascara Based Drinks Market – By Ingredients

9.1  Single-Origin Cascara

9.2  Blended Cascara

9.3  Organic/Natural

10.  Cascara Based Drinks Market – By Flavor

10.1                 Fruity

10.2                 Spiced

10.3                 Earthy

10.4                 Others

11.  Cascara Based Drinks Market – By Packaging

11.1                 Bottle

11.2                 Tin

11.3                 Tetra Pak cartons

11.4                 Others

12.  Cascara Based Drinks Market – By Preparation Method

12.1                 Cold Brew Cascara

12.2                 Carbonated

12.3                 Concentrates

12.4                 Carbon free

12.5                 Others

13.  Cascara Based Drinks Market – By Application

13.1  Mixers for Cocktails

13.2  Dessert Pairings

13.3  Functional Beverages

13.4  Iced Beverages

13.5  Others

14.  Cascara Based Drinks Market – By Sales Channel

14.1  Online Stores

14.2  Supermarkets

14.3  Independent Retailers

14.4  Convenience Stores

14.5  Others

15.  Cascara Based Drinks Market - By Geography

15.1 North America

15.1.1 U.S.

15.1.2 Canada

15.1.3 Mexico

15.2  Europe

15.2.1  U.K.

15.2.2  Germany

15.2.3 France

15.2.4 Italy

15.2.5 Spain

15.2.6 Russia

15.2.7 Rest of Europe

15.3  Asia-Pacific

15.3.1    China

15.3.2    India

15.3.3    Japan

15.3.4    South Korea

15.3.5    Australia & New Zealand

15.3.6    Rest of Asia-Pacific

15.4 South America

15.4.1    Brazil

15.4.2    Argentina

15.4.3    Chile

15.4.4    Colombia

15.4.5    Rest of South America

15.5 Rest of the World

15.5.1    Middle East

15.5.2    Africa

16.  Cascara Based Drinks Market – Entropy

17.  Cascara Based Drinks Market – Industry/Segment Competition Landscape

17.1 Market Share Analysis

17.1.1    Global Market Share – Key Companies

17.1.2    Market Share by Region – Key companies

17.1.3    Market Share by Countries – Key Companies

17.2 Competition Matrix

17.3 Best Practices for Companies

18.  Cascara Based Drinks Market – Key Company List by Country Premium

19.  Cascara Based Drinks Market - Company Analysis

19.1                 Olam

19.2                 Nestle

19.3                 Applied Food Sciences

19.4                 ORAC Beverages

19.5                 Mountain Top Coffee

19.6                 Van Drunen Farms

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The Cascara Based Drinks Market is projected to grow at 10.2% CAGR over the forecast period 2024-2030.

Global Cascara Based Drinks Market size is estimated to to reach $1.2 billion by 2030.

The leading players in the Cascara Based Drinks Market are Olam, Nestle, Applied Food Sciences, ORAC Beverages, Mountain Top Coffee, Van Drunen Farms, and others.

There is a growing consumer demand for sustainable and environmentally friendly products, driving companies to prioritize responsible sourcing and transparent supply chains are some of major Cascara Based Drinks Market trends in the industry which will create growth opportunities for the market over the forecast period.

Rich in Antioxidants and Increasing Awareness about Cascara Health Benefits and Increasing interest in unique and exotic flavor experiences are the driving factors of the market.