Lentils Market - By Type (Yellow and Red, Green, Brown, Others), By Nature (Organic, Inorganic.), By End Use (Home Use, Snack Food Industry, Flour Industry, Retail Store, Others), By Geography - Global Opportunity Analysis & Industry Forecast, 2023-2030

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Lentils Market Overview:

Lentils Market size is estimated to reach $40 Billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 3.1% during the forecast period 2023-2030. Lentils are a type of legume that is high in protein, fiber, and other nutrients. They are a popular food in many cultures around the world, and the global lentil market is expected to grow significantly in the coming years.

One of the main drivers of the lentils market was the increasing awareness of the health benefits associated with their consumption. Lentils, being a rich source of protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals, are widely favored by health-conscious individuals. Additionally, the rising vegetarian and vegan population has also contributed to the growing demand for lentils as they serve as a valuable plant-based protein alternative.

Furthermore, lentils are a staple in various traditional cuisines, especially in regions such as South Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa. The steady demand from these regions, coupled with the rising popularity of international cuisines, has been fueling the lentils market's expansion.

However, the lentils market has faced challenges in terms of production and supply chain disruptions. Factors like unpredictable weather conditions, pests, and diseases have impacted lentil crops in different regions, leading to fluctuations in prices. FAO estimates that annually up to 40 percent of global crop production is lost to pests. Each year, plant diseases cost the global economy over $220 billion, and invasive insects at least $70 billion. Additionally, transportation and logistics issues have also influenced the market dynamics.

Market Snapshot:

Lentils Market - Report Coverage:

The “Lentils Market Report - Forecast (2023-2030)” by IndustryARC, covers an in-depth analysis of the following segments in the Lentils Market.



By Type

  • Yellow and Red

  • Green

  • Brown

  • Others

By Nature

  • Organic

  • Inorganic

By End Use

  • Home Use

  • Snack Food Industry

  • Flour Industry

  • Retail Store

  • Others

By Geography

  • North America (U.S., Canada and Mexico)

  • Europe (Germany, France, UK, Italy, Spain, Russia and the Rest of Europe),

  • Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, South Korea, India, Australia & New Zealand and the Rest of Asia-Pacific),

  • South America (Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia and the Rest of South America)

  • Rest of the World (Middle East and Africa).

Lentils Market - Top Trends

Increasing Demand for Plant-Based Proteins: With the growing interest in plant-based diets and sustainability concerns, lentils have gained popularity as an excellent source of plant-based protein. Health-conscious consumers, vegetarians, and vegans have been actively seeking out lentils as an alternative to animal-derived proteins.

Convenience and Ready-to-Eat Products: The demand for convenience and ready-to-eat food products has extended to the market. Manufacturers have been introducing pre-cooked and packaged lentils that require minimal preparation, catering to busy lifestyles and time-conscious consumers.

Organic and Non-GMO Products: Consumers' preference for organic and non-genetically modified organism (GMO) foods has been influencing the lentils market. Many individuals are willing to pay a premium for lentils that are grown using organic farming practices and are free from genetic modifications.

Expanding Use in Snacks and Bakery Products: Lentil-based snacks and bakery products have been gaining popularity as healthier alternatives to traditional snacks. Lentil chips, crackers, and lentil flour used in baked goods are becoming more prevalent in the market.

Growing International Trade: Lentils are a global commodity, and international trade has been playing a significant role in the market's expansion. Lentil-producing countries, such as Canada, India, and Australia, have been major players in the export market, catering to the rising demand in various regions.

Innovative Marketing and Product Positioning: Lentil producers and manufacturers have been focusing on creative marketing strategies to attract consumers. Emphasizing the health benefits, sustainability, and versatility of lentils in cooking has been a key part of their marketing campaigns.

Health and Nutritional Claims: Products featuring health and nutritional claims, such as high protein content, low fat, and gluten-free, have been more appealing to health-conscious consumers. Brands have been leveraging such claims to differentiate their products in the competitive market.

Sustainable Sourcing and Production: Ethical and sustainable sourcing practices have gained importance in the lentils market. Consumers are increasingly interested in knowing the origin of their food and the environmental impact of its production.

Lentils Market - Company Analysis

AGT Food and Ingredients Inc:  AGT is a leading global supplier of value-added pulses, staple foods, and food ingredients. They are one of the largest suppliers of lentils and other pulse crops, with a strong presence in over 120 countries. The company focuses on processing, sourcing, and distributing a wide range of agricultural products, including lentils, chickpeas, peas, and beans.

BroadGrain Commodities Inc: BroadGrain is a Canadian-based company engaged in the trading and distribution of agricultural commodities, including lentils. They specialize in handling, processing, and exporting various grains and pulses to international markets. The company's lentils business is an integral part of its diversified product portfolio.

Simpson Seeds Inc: Simpson is a Canadian-based company that deals with the processing and marketing of various crops, including lentils. They are involved in the production and distribution of high-quality lentils and other specialty crops to domestic and international markets.

Cargill: It is a global agribusiness company that operates in multiple segments, including the trading and processing of lentils and other agricultural commodities. With a vast network of operations, Cargill is a significant player in the lentils, providing a range of products and services to customers worldwide.

Archer Daniels Midland Company: ADM is a major player in the food processing and commodities trading industry. ADM is involved in the sourcing, processing, and distribution of lentils and other agricultural products. They cater to various industries, including food, feed, and industrial sectors.

Adani Wilmar Ltd: It is a joint venture between Adani Group and Wilmar International Limited. While they are known for their edible oil business, the company also trades and processes pulses, including lentils. They have a presence in both domestic and international markets.

Eaternal Health & Organic Foods: A company dedicated to organic and healthy food products, including lentils. They focus on providing organic, non-GMO, and sustainable lentil products to health-conscious consumers.

CAXA Srl: CAXA is an Italian-based company that deals with the import and export of various agricultural commodities, including lentils. They are engaged in the global trade of lentils, connecting producers and buyers from different parts of the world.

Armada Foods: Armada is a company specialized in the processing and trading of pulses and grains, including lentils. They offer a range of lentil products to meet the demands of their customers in both domestic and international markets.

Ingredion: Ingredion is a global ingredients solutions company that offers a diverse portfolio of ingredient products, including lentil-based ingredients. They cater to various industries, such as food, beverage, and pet food, providing innovative solutions derived from lentils and other agricultural sources.

Key Market Players: 

Product/Service launches, approvals, patents and events, acquisitions, partnerships and collaborations are key strategies players in the Lentils Market adopt. The top 10 companies in Lentils Market are listed below:

  1. AGT Food and Ingredients Inc
  2. BroadGrain Commodities Inc.
  3. Simpson Seeds Inc.
  4. Cargill
  5. Archer Daniels Midland Company
  6. Adani Wilmar Ltd.
  7. Eaternal Health & Organic Foods
  8. CAXA Srl
  9. Armada Foods
  10. Ingredion

Scope of the Report: 

Report Metric


Base Year Considered


Forecast Period




Market Size in 2030

$40 Billion

Segments Covered

By Type, By Nature, By End Use and Region

Geographies Covered

North America (U.S., Canada and Mexico), Europe (Germany, France, UK, Italy, Spain, Russia and the Rest of Europe), Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, South Korea, India, Australia & New Zealand and the Rest of Asia-Pacific), South America (Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Rest of South America), Rest of the World (Middle East and Africa).

Key Market Players

  1. AGT Food and Ingredients Inc
  2. BroadGrain Commodities Inc.
  3. Simpson Seeds Inc.
  4. Cargill
  5. Archer Daniels Midland Company
  6. Adani Wilmar Ltd.
  7. Eaternal Health & Organic Foods
  8. CAXA Srl
  9. Armada Foods
  10. Ingredion

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1. Lentils Market Overview
    1.1 Definitions and Scope
2. Lentils Market – Executive Summary
3. Lentils Market – Market Landscape
    3.1 Company Benchmarking – Key Companies
    3.2 Key Company Financial Analysis
    3.3 Market Share Analysis – Key Companies
    3.4 Patent Analysis
    3.5 Pricing Analysis (Comparison of General Price Offerings in the Market)
4. Lentils Market – Startup Company Scenario 
    4.1 Investment
    4.2 Revenue
    4.3 Venture Capital and Funding Scenario
5. Lentils Market – Market Entry Scenario Premium 
    5.1 Regulatory Scenario
    5.2 New Business and Ease of Doing business index
    5.3 Case Studies of Successful Ventures
6. Lentils Market – Market Forces
    6.1 Market Drivers
    6.2 Market Constraints
    6.3 Porter’s Five Force Model
        6.3.1 Bargaining Power of Suppliers
        6.3.2 Bargaining Powers of Customers
        6.3.3 Threat of New Entrants
        6.3.4 Rivalry Among Existing Players
        6.3.5 Threat of Substitutes
7. Lentils Market – Strategic Analysis
    7.1 Value Chain Analysis
    7.2 Opportunities Analysis
    7.3 Market Life Cycle Analysis
8. Lentils Market – By Type (Market Size - $Million/$Billion)
    8.1 Yellow and Red
        8.1.1 Market Trends by Region 
        8.1.2 Market Share & Forecast by Region
    8.2 Green
        8.2.1 Market Trends by Region
        8.2.2 Market Share & Forecast by Region
    8.3 Brown
        8.3.1 Market Trends by Region
        8.3.2 Market Share & Forecast by Region
    8.4 Others
        8.4.1 Market Trends by Region
        8.4.2 Market Share & Forecast by Region
9. Lentils Market – By Nature (Market Size - $Million/$Billion)
    9.1 Organic
        9.1.1 Market Share & Forecast by Region
        9.1.2 Market Share & Forecast by Region
    9.2 Inorganic
        9.2.1 Market Share & Forecast by Region
        9.2.2 Market Share & Forecast by Region
10. Lentils Market – By End Use (Market Size - $Million/$Billion)
    10.1 Home Use
        10.1.1 Market Trends by Region
        10.1.2 Market Share & Forecast by Region
    10.2 Snack Food Industry
        10.2.1 Market Trends by Region
        10.2.2 Market Share & Forecast by Region
    10.3 Flour Industry
        10.3.1 Market Trends by Region
        10.3.2 Market Share & Forecast by Region
    10.4 Retail Store
        10.4.1 Market Trends by Region
        10.4.2 Market Share & Forecast by Region
    10.5 Others
        10.5.1 Market Trends by Region
        10.5.2 Market Share & Forecast by Region
11. Lentils Market – by Geography (Market Size - $Million/$Billion)
    11.1 North America
        11.1.1 U.S.
        11.1.2 Canada
        11.1.3 Mexico
    11.2 Europe
        11.2.1 Germany
        11.2.2 France
        11.2.3 U.K.
        11.2.4 Italy
        11.2.5 Spain
        11.2.6 Russia
        11.2.7 Rest of Europe
    11.3 Asia-Pacific
        11.3.1 China
        11.3.2 Japan
        11.3.3 South Korea
        11.3.4 India
        11.3.5 Australia & New Zealand
        11.3.6 Rest of Asia-Pacific
    11.4 South America
        11.4.1 Brazil
        11.4.2 Argentina
        11.4.3 Chile
        11.4.4 Colombia
        11.4.5 Rest of South America
    11.5 Rest of the World
        11.5.1 Middle East
        11.5.2 Africa
12. Lentils Market – Market Entropy
    12.1 New product launches
    12.2 M&A’s, collaborations, JVs and partnerships
13. Lentils Market – Industry Competition Landscape 
    13.1 Market Share Analysis
        13.1.1 Market Share by Technology – Key Companies
        13.1.2 Market Share by Country – Key Companies
        13.1.3 Market Share by Region – Key Companies
    13.2 Competition Matrix
    13.3 Best Practices for Companies
14. Lentils Market – Key Company List by Country Premium 
15. Lentils Market – Company Analysis
    15.1 AGT Food and Ingredients Inc
    15.2 BroadGrain Commodities Inc.
    15.3 Simpson Seeds Inc.
    15.4 Cargill
    15.5 Archer Daniels Midland Company
    15.6 Adani Wilmar Ltd.
    15.7 Eaternal Health & Organic Foods
    15.8 CAXA Srl
    15.9 Armada Foods
    15.10 Ingredion
    15.11 GLOBUSMAX
    15.12 OPTIX+
    15.13 Victoria Foods Pvt. Ltd.
    15.14 Solen Food Industry and Trade Inc.
    15.15 Sunprime Foods
    15.16 Grain Millers
    15.17 World Food Processing
    15.18 SunOpta
    15.19 Royal Ingredients Group
    15.20 Others.

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The Lentils Market is forecast to grow at 3.1% during the forecast period 2023-2030.

The Global Lentils Market size is Predicted to reach $40 Billion by 2030.

The Key players in the Lentils Market are AGT Food and Ingredients Inc, BroadGrain Commodities Inc., Simpson Seeds Inc., Cargill., Archer Daniels Midland Company and others.