Protein Isolates Market - Forecast(2024 - 2030)

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Protein Isolates Market Overview:

Protein Isolates Market size is estimated to reach $19.7 billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 6.5% over the forecast period 2024–2030. The popularity of fitness among high- and middle-income consumer groups has increased demand for nutrition-improving products like protein. Protein isolates are becoming more and more popular among athletes and sports fans all over the world because they help to increase athletic performance and strength.
Increasing awareness of the importance of protein in a balanced diet has led to a greater emphasis on protein-rich foods and supplements. Consumers are seeking products that support their health and fitness goals, which has driven the demand for protein isolates. According to a recent United Nations (UN) report, the number of people 65 and older is predicted to double globally over the next three decades. As the global population ages, there is an increased focus on maintaining muscle mass and overall health. Protein isolates are used in products targeting the senior demographic to address their specific nutritional needs. These factors positively influence the Permanent Magnet Industrial Motors industry outlook over the forecast period.

Market Snapshot: 

Protein Isolates Market - Report Coverage

The “Protein Isolates Market Report - Forecast (2024–2030)” by IndustryARC, covers an in-depth analysis of the following segments in the Protein Isolates Market.



By Type

  • Plant Based Protein

  • Soya

  • Whey

  • Pea

  • Wheat

  • Others

  • Animal Based Protein

By Form

  • Powder

  • Liquid

By Flavor

  • Chocolate

  • Vanilla

  • Strawberry

  • Others

By Nature

  • Organic

  • Conventional

By Sales Channel

  • Online

  • Offline

By Function

  • Nutrients

  • Emulsifier

  • Fat and Water Absorption

  • Texturants

  • Others

By Application

  • Infant Formula and Baby Foods

  • Dietary Supplements

  • Food Processing

  • Meat Alternatives

  • Bakery Products

  • Sports Nutrition

  • Beverages

  • Feed and Pharmaceuticals

  • Others

By Geography

  • North America (U.S., Canada and Mexico)

  • Europe (Germany, France, UK, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Russia, Belgium and Rest of Europe),

  • Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, South Korea, India, Australia & New Zealand, Indonesia, Taiwan, Malaysia and Rest of Asia-Pacific),

  • South America (Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Rest of South America)

  • Rest of the World (Middle East and Africa).

COVID-19 / Ukraine Crisis - Impact Analysis:  

●The COVID-19 pandemic caused a decline in the Protein Isolates Market due to Production and distribution were hampered by supply chain difficulties and logistical issues. But during the pandemic, demand for protein isolates increased as people increasingly looked for health-conscious options, particularly in the dietary supplement and sports nutrition industries. Manufacturers adjusted by putting in place strict safety regulations and expanding their online sales channels. The pandemic also accelerated the transition to plant-based proteins, which has helped the market for plant-based protein isolates grow. Although the industry faced immediate difficulties, it ultimately showed resilience and adaptability in order to accommodate shifting consumer preferences throughout the pandemic. 
●The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has the potential to impact the Protein Isolates Market due Ukraine is a significant global producer of plant-based protein sources like soy and pea, which are essential raw materials for protein isolates. The war's disruptions in Ukraine's agricultural sector have led to supply chain challenges, impacting the availability and pricing of these key ingredients. Additionally, geopolitical tensions have influenced trade dynamics, causing uncertainty for businesses reliant on imports or exports of protein isolates to and from the region. As a result, market players are closely monitoring these developments and diversifying sourcing strategies to mitigate potential risks to their supply chains.

Key Takeaways:

●North America is Expected to Remain the Largest market by 2030
Geographically, in the global protein isolates market, North America held the largest market share, contributing 37% of the global protein isolates market in 2022, and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.9% over the forecast period from 2024 to 2030. North America plays a crucial role in the global carbon black industry, primarily attributed to the increasing consumer demand for healthier and protein-rich dietary choices. As health and fitness consciousness continues to rise, there is a growing preference for protein isolates in various applications, including sports nutrition, dietary supplements, and food processing. According to the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) 2022, The use of sports nutrition supplements has significantly increased since 2021, rising five points to 39% in the U.S. The North American protein isolates market remains dynamic, with sufficient opportunities for businesses to tap into the burgeoning demand for high-quality protein products. 

●Whey Protein Segment to Register the Fastest Growth
In the Protein Isolates Market analysis, the Whey Protein segment is estimated to grow with the highest growth of 7.3% over the forecast period 2024–2030. This increase can be attributed to the food's superior nutritional profile, which includes the presence of high-quality protein and necessary amino acids. The demand is being fueled by consumers' growing awareness of the health benefits of whey protein, including muscle growth and weight management. 
Whey protein isolate sales are also helped by the growing popularity of fitness and wellness trends, the expanding sports nutrition industry, and other factors. According to the IHRSA Global Report 2022, Women represent a larger percentage of gym members in most regions, making up about 57% of gym-goers globally. To meet this growing demand, producers are actively developing new products and diversifying their product lines, which has helped whey protein maintain its position as the market leader for protein isolates. 

●The Dietary Supplements is the Largest End Use Industry
According to the Protein Isolates Market forecast, the Dietary Supplements sector is estimated to remain the largest market over the forecast period. This robust growth can be attributed to an escalating global emphasis on health and wellness, with consumers actively seeking nutritional supplements to bolster their well-being. 
Protein isolates, with their high protein content and versatility, are increasingly favored as a vital component in dietary supplements. Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) Survey 2022, Dietary supplements are used by 75% of Americans and the majority are regular users. This trend extends beyond athletes and fitness enthusiasts to a broader demographic of health-conscious individuals seeking to meet their daily protein intake goals. As consumers become more proactive about their health, the dietary supplements sector is poised to continue its remarkable growth trajectory in the protein isolate market.

●The Increasing Preference for Plant-Based Proteins fuels the Growth in the Protein Isolates Market.
Health-conscious consumers and environmentally aware individuals are increasingly opting for plant-derived protein sources like soy, pea, and rice over traditional animal-based options. This shift aligns with the rising demand for vegan and vegetarian products. Protein isolates offer a versatile and nutritionally dense solution to meet these preferences, serving as a vital ingredient in a variety of plant-based food and beverage products. According to the Plant-Based Foods Association and The Good Food Institute 2022, plant-based food sales are up 27% compared to 2021. As the trend towards plant-based diets gains momentum, the protein isolates market is poised to capitalize on this consumer shift, presenting lucrative opportunities for businesses in the sector.

Concerns about Side Effects Can Hamper the Market Growth.
While the nutritional advantages of protein isolates are widely acknowledged, consumers are growing more concerned about any possible side effects, such as allergies, gastrointestinal discomfort, or intolerances linked to particular protein sources. For the market to expand, it is essential to address these issues through open labelling, strict quality control, and better product education. In order to maintain and grow the market in the face of these concerns, it will be crucial to build consumer trust by demonstrating product safety and emphasizing the beneficial effects of protein isolates on health and wellness. 
Additionally, regulatory agencies are reviewing protein isolate products more closely, highlighting the importance of manufacturers adhering to strict safety standards. This increased scrutiny highlights the significance of stringent testing and quality assurance procedures within the sector. These challenges are set to hinder the Protein Isolates Market growth in the future.

Protein Isolates Market Share (%) By Region, 2022

Key Market Players: 

Product/Service launches, approvals, patents and events, acquisitions, partnerships and collaborations are key strategies adopted by players in the Protein Isolates Market. The top 10 companies in this industry are listed below:

  1. Glanbia plc

  2. Nutiva Inc

  3. The Simply Good Food Co

  4. MusclePharm

  5. CytoSport, Inc.

  6. Nature's Bounty

  7. Reliance Private Label Supplements

  8. Herbalife International of America, Inc.

  9. Cargill Incorporation

  10. Hilmar Cheese Company

Scope of Report: 

Report Metric


Base Year Considered


Forecast Period




Market Size in 2030

$19.7 Billion

Segments Covered

Type, Form, Flavor, Nature, Sales Channel, Function, Application and Region

Geographies Covered

North America (U.S., Canada and Mexico), Europe (Germany, France, UK, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Russia, Belgium and Rest of Europe), Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, South Korea, India, Australia & New Zealand, Indonesia, Taiwan, Malaysia and Rest of Asia-Pacific), South America (Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Rest of South America), Rest of the World (Middle East and Africa).

Key Market Players

  1. Glanbia plc

  2. Nutiva Inc

  3. The Simply Good Food Co

  4. MusclePharm

  5. CytoSport, Inc.

  6. Nature's Bounty

  7. Reliance Private Label Supplements

  8. Herbalife International of America, Inc.

  9. Cargill Incorporation

  10. Hilmar Cheese Company

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 1. Protein Isolates Market - Overview
    1.1. Definitions and Scope
 2. Protein Isolates Market - Executive Summary
 3. Protein Isolates Market - Comparative Analysis
    3.1. Company Benchmarking - Key Companies
    3.2. Global Financial Analysis - Key Companies
    3.3. Market Share Analysis - Key Companies
    3.4. Patent Analysis
    3.5. Pricing Analysis
 4. Protein Isolates Market - Start-up Companies Scenario Premium
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        4.1.2. Revenue
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    5.1. Regulatory Framework Overview
    5.2. New Business and Ease of Doing Business Index
    5.3. Case Studies of Successful Ventures
 6. Protein Isolates Market - Forces
    6.1. Market Drivers
    6.2. Market Constraints/Challenges
    6.3. Porter’s Five Force Model
        6.3.1. Bargaining power of suppliers
        6.3.2. Bargaining powers of customers
        6.3.3. Threat of new entrants
        6.3.4. Rivalry among existing players
        6.3.5. Threat of substitutes
 7. Protein Isolates Market – Strategic Analysis
    7.1. Value Chain Analysis
    7.2. Opportunities Analysis
    7.3. Market Life Cycle
 8. Protein Isolates Market – By Type
    8.1. Plant Based Protein
        8.1.1. Pea Protein
        8.1.2. Soy Protein
        8.1.3. Wheat Protein
        8.1.4. Potato Protein
        8.1.5. Others
    8.2. Animal Based Protein
        8.2.1. Fish Protein
        8.2.2. Others
 9. Protein Isolates Market – By Form
    9.1. Powder
    9.2. Liquid
 10. Protein Isolates Market – By Flavor
    10.1. Chocolate
    10.2. Vanilla
    10.3. Strawberry
    10.4. Others
 11. Protein Isolates Market – By Nature
    11.1. Organic
    11.2. Conventional
 12. Protein Isolates Market – By Sales Channel
    12.1. Online
    12.2. Offline
 13. Protein Isolates Market – By Function
    13.1. Nutrients
    13.2. Emulsifier
    13.3. Fat and Water Absorption
    13.4. Texturants
    13.5. Others
 14. Protein Isolates Market – By Application
    14.1. Infant Formula and Baby Foods
    14.2. Dietary Supplements
    14.3. Food Processing
    14.4. Sports Nutrition
    14.5. Beverages
    14.6. Meat Alternatives
    14.7. Bakery Products
    14.8. Feed and Pharmaceuticals
    14.9. Others
 15. Protein Isolates Market - By Geography
    15.1. North America
        15.1.1. U.S.
        15.1.2. Canada
        15.1.3. Mexico
    15.2. Europe
        15.2.1. U.K.
        15.2.2. Germany
        15.2.3. France
        15.2.4. Italy
        15.2.5. Spain
        15.2.6. Russia
        15.2.7. Rest of Europe
    15.3. Asia-Pacific
        15.3.1. China
        15.3.2. India
        15.3.3. Japan
        15.3.4. South Korea
        15.3.5. Australia & New Zealand
        15.3.6. Rest of Asia-Pacific
    15.4. South America
        15.4.1. Brazil
        15.4.2. Argentina
        15.4.3. Chile
        15.4.4. Colombia 
        15.4.5. Rest of South America
    15.5. Rest of the World
        15.5.1. Middle East
        15.5.2. Africa
 16. Protein Isolates Market – Entropy
 17. Protein Isolates Market – Industry/Segment Competition Landscape Premium  
    17.1. Market Share Analysis
        17.1.1. Global Market Share – Key Companies
        17.1.2. Market Share by Region – Key companies
        17.1.3. Market Share by Countries – Key Companies
    17.2. Competition Matrix
    17.3. Best Practices for Companies
 18. Protein Isolates Market – Key Company List by Country Premium
 19. Protein Isolates Market - Company Analysis
    19.1. Glanbia plc
    19.2. Nutiva Inc
    19.3. The Simply Good Food Co
    19.4. MusclePharm 
    19.5. CytoSport, Inc.
    19.6. Nature's Bounty
    19.7. Reliance Private Label Supplements
    19.8. Herbalife International of America, Inc.
    19.9. Cargill Incorporation
    19.10. Hilmar Cheese Company

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The Protein Isolates Market is projected to grow at 6.5% CAGR over the forecast period 2024–2030.

Global Protein Isolates Market size is estimated to reach $19.7 billion by 2030.

The leading players in the Protein Isolates Market are Glanbia plc, Nutiva Inc, The Simply Good Food Co, MusclePharm, CytoSport, Inc. and others.

The shift toward plant-based diets and the demand for sustainable protein sources are expected to continue. Consumers are increasingly looking for clean-label products with minimal additives and natural ingredients are some of major Protein Isolates Market trends in the industry which will create growth opportunities for the market over the forecast period.

The Increasing Demand for Nutrient Rich and Balanced Diet and the Increasing Preference for Plant-Based Proteins are the driving factors of the market.