Solid-State Car Battery Market

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Solid-State Car Battery Market Overview:

Solid-State Car Battery Market size is estimated to reach $1.8 billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 46% over the forecast period 2024-2030. Increased EV range leads to higher demand which drives the growth of the market. The market is anticipated to grow as a result of rising two-wheeler electric vehicle implementation rates and rising demand for long-range electric automobiles. This trend is expected to boost the growth of the Solid-State Car Battery Market over the forecast period.
Lithium-ion or lithium polymer batteries typically utilize liquid electrolytes, whereas solid-state batteries employ solid electrodes and solid electrolytes. RFID technology, pacemakers, and wearable electronics all employ solid-state batteries. Their expansion is being fueled by the increasing use of solid-state batteries in wearables, healthcare, and drones. Solid state battery demand in electric vehicles is driving the global market's expansion.

Market Snapshot: 

Solid-State Car Battery Market - Report Coverage:

The “Solid-State Car Battery Market Report - Forecast (2024-2030)” by IndustryARC, covers an in-depth analysis of the following segments in the Solid-State Car Battery Market.



By Vehicle Type

  • Passenger Car
  • Commercial Vehicle

By Battery Energy Density

  • Less than 450 Wh/kg
  • More than 450 Wh/kg

By Propulsion

  • Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV)
  • Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV)

By Component

  • Cathode
  • Anode
  • Electrolyte

By Geography

  • North America (U.S., Canada and Mexico)
  • Europe (Germany, France, UK, Italy, Spain, Russia and Rest of Europe),
  • Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, South Korea, India, Australia & New Zealand and Rest of Asia-Pacific),
  • South America (Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Rest of South America)
  • Rest of the World (Middle East and Africa).

COVID-19 / Ukraine Crisis - Impact Analysis:  

● The COVID-19 pandemic lockdown led to a temporary ban on import and export as well as manufacturing and processing activities across a number of battery-related industries. This reduced consumer demand for solid-state rechargeable batteries, which is particularly relevant for portable electronics and electric vehicles. Additionally, a stop in the production of renewable energy plants, automobiles, and consumer electronics due to a labour shortage and a widening supply-demand imbalance hinders the growth of the solid-state battery business during the pandemic. The market growth in 2020's second, third, and fourth quarters decreased as a result. However, the COVID-19 vaccination campaign started in several economies around the world in the second quarter of 2021, which helped the global economy. As a result, the solid-state battery industry revived.

● The growth of the solid-state automobile battery sector has been impacted by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, both directly and indirectly. The disruption of the global supply chain for essential materials and components needed in the production of batteries is one of the most prominent immediate effects. Russia and Ukraine are major producers of metals and minerals, including nickel, cobalt, and rare earth elements, that are utilized in the production of batteries. The cost structure and production capacity of solid-state vehicle batteries have been impacted by the conflict's effects on the pricing and availability of these necessary materials.

Key Takeaways:

● Fastest Growth of Asia-Pacific Region
Geographically, in the global Solid-State Car Battery market share, Asia-Pacific is analyzed to grow with the highest CAGR of 59% over the forecast period 2024-2030. Over the forecast period, the solid-state vehicle battery market with the biggest size will be found in Asia Pacific. China, Japan, and South Korea will be the market leaders in the Asia-Pacific region. Through incentives, regulations that favour EVs, and campaigns to discourage petrol consumption, the governments of these nations have contributed to the expansion of the EV market. When solid-state automobile batteries are introduced to the market, this will cause the demand for them in the area to grow quickly.

China and Japan will be the first countries to introduce premium EVs with solid-state batteries, with South Korea and I Growth will pick up speed after 2026 after initially slowing down. The region's fastest-growing market will be India because of the present and future EV policies. Because of the efforts of battery makers and leading OEMs like Nissan, Mitsubishi, and Toyota in developing solid-state batteries, Japan is expected to have one of the fastest expanding economies in the area.

● BEV’s Segment to Register the Fastest Growth
In the Solid-State Car Battery Market analysis, the BEV’s segment is estimated to grow with the fastest over the forecast period.  In comparison to PHEVs, solid-state batteries for BEVs are anticipated to be more in demand in the upcoming years. This is largely because there is a high demand for high-end BEVs with better features such more powerful batteries, quicker charging times, and more safety measures. As the batteries begin larger-scale mass production and are incorporated into other lower-end BEVs, their prices will decrease. North America is predicted to have the fastest-growing solid-state battery market for BEVs because the region is home to some of the major OEMs and businesses developing solid-state battery technology, such as QuantumScape and Solid Power.

● An increase in EV range due to better capacity solid-state batteries drives more demand
The shorter range of EVs on a single charge is a big worry for their consumers. This problem has significantly slowed the market's expansion. Solid-state EVs are anticipated to have a substantially longer range than EVs equipped with traditional lithium-ion batteries because of their higher battery density. Theoretically, solid-state batteries have twice the energy storage capacity of lithium-ion batteries.
As a result, a number of leading EV manufacturers are funding this technology. Several industry experts estimate that an electric vehicle (EV) equipped with a solid-state battery can have an electric range of more than 600 miles.

● Growing acceptance of EV’s
The solid-state car battery market is expanding mostly due to the increasing popularity of electric cars (EVs). There is a greater need than ever for high-performance, safe, and efficient energy storage devices as the globe moves towards more environmentally friendly and sustainable modes of transportation. Solid-state auto batteries have drawn more interest and funding due to its potential to completely transform the EV industry. Improved safety features are a well-known characteristic of solid-state batteries. They are less vulnerable to thermal runaway, overheating, and other safety issues that come with using traditional lithium-ion batteries. Concerns regarding battery safety have grown in importance as EVs are becoming more and more popular, making solid-state batteries' dependability and safety an appealing feature for both manufacturers and customers. The extended range and improved performance,  safety and reliability, and fast charging are the factors that drive the growing acceptance of EVs in the Solid-State Car Battery Market.

● Higher cost compared to conventional lithium-ion batteries to impede to market growth
Compared to conventional lithium-ion batteries, the process of creating solid-state batteries is more intricate. Tight quality control is necessary due to the complex production processes in order to guarantee performance and safety. Higher production costs are generally the outcome of complex manufacturing procedures. Although solid-state batteries can lessen the need for some costly and rare materials that are used in conventional lithium-ion batteries, they might also need other, less accessible components. These components may add to the battery's overall cost as they can be expensive.

Solid-State Car Battery Market Share (%) By Region, 2023 

Key Market Players: 
Product/Service launches, approvals, patents and events, acquisitions, partnerships and collaborations are key strategies adopted by players in the Solid-State Car Battery Market. The top 10 companies in this industry are listed below:
  1. Toyota Motor Corporation 
  2. Solid Power 
  3. QuantumScape
  4. Samsung SDI 
  5. Prieto Battery 
  6. Battrixx
  7. LG Chem
  8. Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Ltd. (CATL)
  9. Panasonic.
  10. BrightVolt

Scope of Report: 

Report Metric


Base Year Considered


Forecast Period




Market Size in 2030

$1.8 billion

Segments Covered

Vehicle Type, Battery Energy Density, Propulsion, Component, and Region

Geographies Covered

North America (U.S., Canada and Mexico), Europe (Germany, France, UK, Italy, Spain, Russia and Rest of Europe), Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, South Korea, India, Australia, New Zealand and Rest of Asia-Pacific), South America (Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Rest of South America), Rest of the World (Middle East and Africa).

Key Market Players

  1. Toyota Motor Corporation

  2. Solid Power

  3. QuantumScape

  4. Samsung SDI

  5. Prieto Battery

  6. Battrixx

  7. LG Chem

  8. Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Ltd. (CATL)

  9. Panasonic.

  10. BrightVolt


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1.Solid-State Car Battery Market - Overview 
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2.Solid-State Car Battery Market - Executive Summary 
3.Solid-State Car Battery Market - Comparative Analysis 
    3.1.Company Benchmarking - Key Companies 
    3.2.Global Financial Analysis - Key Companies 
    3.3.Market Share Analysis - Key Companies 
    3.4.Patent Analysis 
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6.Solid-State Car Battery Market - Forces 
    6.1.Market Drivers 
    6.2.Market Constraints 
    6.3.Market Challenges 
    6.4.Porter's Five Force Model 
        6.4.1.Bargaining Power of Suppliers 
        6.4.2.Bargaining Powers of Customers 
        6.4.3.Threat of New Entrants 
        6.4.4.Rivalry Among Existing Players 
        6.4.5.Threat of Substitutes 
7.Solid-State Car Battery Market – Strategic Analysis 
    7.1.Value Chain Analysis 
    7.2.Opportunities Analysis 
    7.3.Market Life Cycle 
8.Solid-State Car Battery Market – by Vehicle Type (Market Size – $Million/$Billion)  
    8.1.Passenger Car 
    8.2.Commercial Vehicle 
9.Solid-State Car Battery Market – by Battery Energy Density (Market Size – $Million/$Billion)  
    9.1.Less than 450 Wh/kg 
    9.2.More than 450 Wh/kg 
10.Solid-State Car Battery Market – by Propulsion (Market Size – $Million/$Billion) 
    10.1.Battery Electric Vehicle(BEV) 
    10.2.Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle(PHEV) 
11.Solid-State Car Battery Market – by Component (Market Size – $Million/$Billion) 
12.Solid-State Car Battery Market – by Geography (Market Size – $Million/$Billion)  
    12.1.North America 
        12.1.1.The U.S. 
        12.2.7.Rest of Europe 
        12.3.4.South Korea 
        12.3.5.Australia & New Zealand 
        12.3.6.Rest of Asia-Pacific 
    12.4.South America 
        12.4.5.Rest of South America 
    12.5.Rest of the World 
        12.5.1.Middle East 
13.Solid-State Car Battery Market – Entropy 
14.Solid-State Car Battery Market – Industry/Segment Competition Landscape Premium  
    14.1.Market Share Analysis 
        14.1.1.Market Share by Product Type – Key Companies 
        14.1.2.Market Share by Region – Key Companies 
        14.1.3.Market Share by Country – Key Companies 
    14.2.Competition Matrix 
    14.3.Best Practices for Companies 
15.Solid-State Car Battery Market – Key Company List by Country Premium Premium  
16.Solid-State Car Battery Market - Company Analysis 
    16.1.Toyota Motor Corporation  
    16.2.Solid Power 
    16.4.Samsung SDI 
    16.5.Prieto Battery  
    16.7.Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Ltd. (CATL) 
    16.8.LG Chem 

The Solid-State Car Battery Market is projected to grow at 46% CAGR over the forecast period 2024-2030.

Global Solid-State Car Battery Market size is projected to reach $1.8 billion by 2030.

The leading players in the Solid-State Car Battery Market are Toyota Motor Corporation, Solid Power, QuantumScape, Samsung SDI, Prieto Battery, Battrixx, LG Chem, Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Ltd. (CATL), Panasonic., BrightVolt and others.

Increasing range, affordability and cost reduction, and government incentives and regulations to encourage the adoption of electric vehicles are some of the major solid-state car battery market trends in the industry which will create growth opportunities for the market over the forecast period.

An increase in EV range due to better capacity solid-state batteries and growing acceptance of EVs are the driving factors of the market.