Natural Fiber Cement Composites, Also Called As Bio Composites, Are The New Trend For Sustainable Construction

Published By: IndustryARC Published On : 26-Aug-2015

The need for safe, sustainable and secure shelter is an innate problem across the world. With growing population, the demand for residential construction has seen an upsurge in the recent past. There are many inventions pertaining to the kind of materials being used in the construction activities. One such important innovation is the fiber reinforcement of cement to increase the strength of the cement. Some of the fibers being used in this industry include asbestos, polypropylene, polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), mineral fibers, carbon, kevlar, lignocellulose and many more. This reinforced cement is used to manufacture products like flat sheets, corrugated sheets, planks, slates and many others.

Fiber cement products have found its way into construction application of various areas like, residential buildings, non-residential buildings, agriculture, industrial and consumer sectors. The products used for these purposes vary based on the requirements. Fiber cement products are majorly used for cladding, siding and roofing purposes. They are used in agriculture for both building and ancillary purposes. In industries, they are used for fire proofing walls and in household application for ceilings, switch boards and so on.

Recently there is an increasing demand for environmentally friendly products in construction. Following this trend, many companies are coming forward with the introduction of eco-friendly fibers like sisal, jute fibers and other vegetable fibers which can replace the usage of asbestos. The table below represents some of the frequently used bio composites which find their application in fiber cement industry.

These bio composite fibers have gained the global attention over the past few years. Recently, green buildings are planned to be environmentally responsible, economically viable, and healthy places to live and work. One of the main materials that are currently being used in green buildings is natural fibers, which entail sustainable life for the buildings. Natural fibers are emerging as the replacement to synthetic fiber reinforced composites because they are environmentally friendly and help to eliminate the increasing cost of using synthetic fiber based cement materials. Bio fibers offer many advantages such as renewability, recyclability, biodegradability, low specific gravity, and high specific strength. In addition, using bio fibers can address the ecological and economical concerns of the industrial materials. Generally, bio composites have received increasing attention from both of the academic world and industries as building, automotive, packaging, and so on. Among all existing applications, a high growth is clear for the construction industry. Hence, there is a clear upsurge in the demand for natural fibers for a more sustainable and durable life of the building.

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