Rising Demand for Organic and Chemical-Free Crop Produce to Drive Usage of Biocontrol Agents

Published By: IndustryARC Published On : 15-Feb-2016

Consumer food safety has become a major concern in most of the developed and developing countries, with the increased intensive agricultural production. Pesticides, being a major agricultural input, are one of the major contributors to degrade the consumer health. Though, chemical pesticides have been the major force in increasing the global agricultural yield since decades; these products are proven to be affecting soil fertility, water bodies, beneficial insects and human health. From various studies conducted in several countries, it is evident that excessive use of pesticides in farms is harmful to consumer’s health. With the increasing mishaps around harmful pesticides and shift towards naturally produced products, organic food and beverages have been gaining prominence in food industry. 

BioControl Agents (BCAs) are efficient substitutes of chemical pesticides in terms of functionality and cost. BCAs deliver performance in an environmental friendly way with less soil residue and water contamination. BioControl Agents are increasingly preferred in the horticultural space mainly driven by the increasing demand for organic vegetable and fruits across the globe. According to the statistics of FiBL, as of 2013, around 43.1 million hectares of land was cultivated through organic farming practices across the globe with around 2 million producers. Global organic food market is estimated to grow at around 12% year on year.

BioControl Agents are estimated to be widely adopted in emerging nations for various applications like seed treatment, on-filed distribution and post-harvest coating of microbials to ensure quality of the organic produce. These products are projected to gain more traction in the emerging economies of Latin America and Asia-Pacific, the major vegetables & fruits exporters, as these countries have been facing the quality issues regarding chemical pesticide content and post-harvest losses. Driven by all these favorable factors, the global BioControl Agents market is set to reach $2,871.6m by 2020.

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