Rising Demand for Natural Cosmetics in Apac to Drive the Growth of Bees Wax

Published By: IndustryARC Published On : 17-Feb-2016

In cosmetics and personal care products, beeswax is being used in lipsticks, fragrances, baby products, bath products and many more. Beeswax and the plant waxes help to keep an emulsion from separating into oil and liquid components, especially in cosmetics and personal care products that require consistency in viscosity. These waxes also increase the thickness of the lipid portion of solid and stick-like products such as lipstick, giving them structure, allowing for a smooth application, and keeping them solid. When used in eye makeup, the waxes stiffen but do not harden the product. These waxes may also function in depilatory products to remove unwanted hair mechanically.

Chemically, waxes are complex mixtures of heavy hydrocarbons and fatty acids combined with esters. But these synthetic waxes are hazardous to the skin; hence there is an increasing demand for natural waxes obtained from plants and animals. Beeswax is available in the market at cheaper rates, which attracts natural cosmetic manufacturers. The ready availability and cheaper price of this wax induces demand from cosmetics manufacturers especially in the emerging economies of Asia like China and India. As the market for natural cosmetics is on the rise, the demand for beeswax as a thickener and emollient is expected to increase in the developed nations. With the escalating demand for beeswax, the apiculture market is estimated to grow in the near future. Asia Pacific apiculture market accounted for around 29% in 2014 globally and is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 3.3% during 2015-2020 whereas the global apiculture market is estimated to reach $9,525.6m by 2020.

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