Smart Weapon Market Technological, Political And Operational Challenges And Possible Areas of Opportunity

Published By: IndustryARC Published On : 12-Feb-2018

The Smart Weapon Market improvements in robotics, artificial intelligence, additive manufacturing and nano-energetic dramatically change the character of conflict in all domains. The convergence of these new and biometric triggering improving technologies is creating a massive increase.

Smart weapon market area is rapidly evolving the fingerprint technology that when combined, will radically alter the way we fight. A few of the new smart motherboard technologies that are already changing our lives will also impact how wars are fought. The additive manufacturing of nano-materials and energetic, near-space systems that provide space like capabilities, artificial intelligence and drones. 

Smart weapon market identifying and adopting military technologies that are in tune our geography, strategic vision and national imperatives. Most modern nations develop technologies and war fighting wherewithal to enhance their capabilities in national interest and as part of the overreaching grand design. Other nations then get hand me down once these things are fading out. Shrinking defense budgets and changing perspectives on the role of national and NATO forces in future conflicts is already having an impact on the evolution of defense markets and industries.

The ongoing asymmetric warfare in our region and elsewhere demands simpler and robust technologies to be force multiplier. This boosts on the ground are essential in this situation they must be augmented by weapons, system sensors, and protective devices which give us the winning edge. The transition from brawn to brain has now moved to technology and is moving towards artificial intelligence. Thus, when goal posts keep changing rapidly, the smart team must adapt even faster. 

Smart weapon market understanding the emerging marketplace, their perspectives on reading smart weapons integration into their military postures, as well as potential areas of collaboration and competition, are essential to penetrating and thriving in these markets. Air ground missiles, smart bombs, sensor systems fused weapons, smart bullets and electro-magnetic pulse weapons are the examples are propelling the growth. North America is leading market holder in terms of manufacturing of weapon technology. Europe and Asia-Pacific is the second and third market holder. The report states that Asia-Pacific will get rapid growth in terms of manufacturing and adoption of the weapons.

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