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The energy sector can be categorized into 2 different segments namely : power and oil and gas. The energy sectors are one of the fastest growing segments in the country. The sector is expected to grow at an average growth rate of seven per cent on an annual basis for the next 5 years.The fast growing industries, improved living standards and urbanization has strengthened the demand for energy in the country further.

Trends and Developments

With the continous growth in the world population, more people are becoming wealthy and consequently their demand for energy is also increasing. Given the current scenario, there will be a sharp rise in the demand for electricity all across the globe. Thus, power generation would account for nearly sixty percent of the increase in consumption of energy up to 2030.

However, experts feel that the world energy organizations will be able to supply just about enough energy to meet the rising demand in future. Currently, the industry is able to access more gas and oil than what it produces, which will enable it to meet the ever growing demand for energy easily.

The non-OECD countries will dominate the growth in energy production, which would be around eighty per cent of the rise in production globally. According to experts, the non-OECD nations would supply around seventy one percent of the global production in the year 2030, which would be fifty eight percent more from 1990.

Why Market Research is Important?

The demand for energy is increasing world-wide and as per the International Energy Agency, the demand would increase by as much as fifty percent until the year 2030. At present, more than eighty percent of the basic demand for energy is being met through fossil fuels. Even though these reserves would exist for more than a couple of decades, they would fail to meet the global demand for energy consumption. As a result, the fossil fuels prices would continue to rise. Thus, it has become important for energy providers and the industry as a whole to keep an eye on the consumption patterns.Thorough and in-depth research can also provide them with significant information about availability of energy resources and how to better utilize them to meet the demands of the entire world.


The energy industry today requires a range of human, mechanical, technological and political capabilities to meet the ever increasing demands. It has become important for the energy sector to adopt new initiatives, technologies and resources to grow and expand further. We can help the energy companies minimize their costs and improve their operational efficiency by providing appropriate solutions. Our solutions are designed to help the energy sector understand the compliance and regulatory related issues.

Logical Estimates

Given the current scenario, there is no doubt in the world would witness dramatic rise in both supply and demand for energy.Currently, the world is seeing a significant increase in bio-fuels in countries such as Brazil and US, which implies that South and North America is poised for overtaking the Middle East as largest liquid fuels source of the world in the coming decade up till the year 2030.
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