The use of biosensors in antibiotic detection is growing in the animal feed testing market. Biosensors are being widely applied in order to tackle top challenges in food production. However, the increasing demand for biosensing technologies is present in food sustainability. Biosensing along with nanomaterials is considered as the most astonishing growth in the food industry which has created new opportunities for the market players. The emerging application of nanomaterials in biosensing plays a significant role in food monitoring as it verifies the quality of the product for consumption.This quality analysis monitors the food & beverage products in order to mark the nutritional composition. Such animal feed testing is considered easier, quicker, and cost-effective solution through biosensing. Furthermore, the animal feed testing market is gaining traction due to an increase in the consumption of meat and dairy products. The quality of meat and dairy products depends on the health of animals. Therefore, the producers are increasingly adopting modern farming trends and have started understanding the need for the nutritional feeds for animals. This has certainly created the demand for animal feed testing services. Thus, IndustryARC evaluated the global animal feed testing market revenue to be $678m in 2017 and estimated to reach $1,096m by 2023.Moreover, the demand for the same is poised to grow at a CAGR of 8.38% during the forecast period 2018-2023.

According to FAO Animal Production and Health, it is estimated that currently there are 8,000 plants for feed production with capacities greater than 25,000 tons a year. Furthermore, these plants together produce more than 620 million tons of feed products annually.  The demand for animal feed testing services is witnessing growth due to rapid increase in the feed production plants.Furthermore, the rising demand for protein and specific food additives inclusion in the animal feed is fueling the market for animal food testing.

Animal Feed Testing Market: Geographical Analysis

Europe dominated the global animal feed testing market revenue with a value of $238.01m growing at a CAGR of 7.36% during the forecast period. The aim of the European legislation is to use a feed additive that is approved and evaluated by the Food Safety Authority (EFSA) in regards to safety and efficiency. This regulation includes labeling and the usage of additives, circulations, and limit of undesirable substances in animal feed. Additionally, Spain produces more than half of Europe’s fresh fruits and vegetables. The farmers give utmost importance to the quality and safety of fresh produce in Spain. Along with this, the European Union is the prime body for animal feed testing, following 3Rs principle (Reduction, Refinement, and Replacement) which work towards animal welfare.So, this growing awareness about 3Rs amongst the farmers is one of the driving factors for the animal feed testing market.

Furthermore, the artificial colors used as food additives are evaluated by the scientific panels at EFSA. The synthetic food colors are widely being used in the animal feeds andthey have to be certified every time a new batch is manufactured. Owing to this the animal feed testing market is increasing in Europe.

Animal Feed Testing Market: Growth Drivers
  • Increased Livestock Production of Food Security
Owing to the increased demand for meat and dairy products, the animal farming for food security has grown rapidly. The growing economies are driving large-scale adoption of milk, eggs, and meat into dailyfeedof significant consumption patterns. Moreover, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization, globally, more than 40% of the livestock contributes to the global value of agro output that supports the livelihoods, which also provides food security to more than 1.3 billion population. The fastest growing subsector of the agriculture industry is the livestock sector that offers food security, poverty reduction, and agricultural development. In addition to this, the fast developing animal farming isincreasing the dependency on animal feed testing services to ensure that the livestock gets wholesome nutritious feed free from contamination. Owing to these factors the animal feed testing market is expected to increase in the upcoming years.

  • Stringent Government Rules Mandating Animal Feed Testing
Many countries across the world, especially European nations, have made testing for animal feed and feed ingredients compulsory practice. The effective measures are taken by the government in order to prevent the threats of contamination, toxic and chemical presence will result in the growth of the animal feed testing market prominently. Animal feed testing is more important for the feeds that are imported and exported, as they may carry viral contamination and potential bacteria. For instance, in the U.S., The Animal Feed Safety System (AFSS) program of FDA is designed especially for the testing of the animal feeds to protect the animals gut and human health. The AFSS gives the approval for the additives that should be used in the animal feeds and also puts feed limit on feed hazards, research activities, and ensures the safety of the products present in the market. Furthermore, in the U.S. and European Union, the increase in the meat trade coupled with meat-related disease are out breaking in recent years, has led to an adoption of strict regulatory rules by the farmers of the receptive regions.Hence, the market for animal feed testing is expected to grow with high feed quality products in the developing regions, owing to growing livestock production and increased focus on the safety and health of livestock.

Investment in Animal Feed Testing Market

In 2018, Eurofins Scientific, an agriscience laboratory headquartered in Brussels, acquired ECOSUR, a research center in Spain. By acquiring ECOSUR, Eurofins became the market leader. This acquisition between both the companies is contemplated with astrategic plan and an objective to meet the analytical needs of the customers and to expand its research activities nationwide. Since both the companies, together are planning to expand its research on contaminants such as pesticides, microbiology, vitamins, and antibiotics that are used in the animal feeds. These kind of activities and investments pertaining to animal feed testing market are gaining significance across the globe.

The Major Players in the Market Include: 

The major players in the global animal feed testing market are Eurofins Scientific, Agrolab Group, ALS Laboratory Group, Bruker Corporation, Central Testing Laborotary Ltd., Cumberland Valley Analytical Services, Dairy One, DM Scientific, and EMSL Analytical Inc. These companies have been continuously focusing on R&D investments, acquisitions and partnership strategies to strengthen their portfolio of products.For instance, in 2018, Eurofines Scientific entered into an acquisition with the EnvironeX, a leading provider for agriculture, food, and consumer products  testing in the AgriFood testing market, to mark its position in Canada. This acquisition is expected to have a significant impact on the animal feed testing market. 

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