According to the United Nations Water, approximately 2.1 billion population faced shortage of safely managed drinking water services as of 2017. The growing concern to provide clean and safe drinking water in rural areas across the globe is the primary responsibility of the regional governments and PVC pipes act as a primary medium in this scenario. High durability, light weight, cost-effectiveness, and easy to install and handle properties of the PVC pipes has demanded a huge growth of this market around the globe. A rapid surge in usage of anti-microbial plastic pipes to improve hygiene and increasing consumption of multilayer plastic pipe in gas distribution are the key factors for the growth of the PVC pipe market. The global PVC pipe market size was valued at $55.6 billion as of 2018 and is anticipated to grow with a CAGR of 6.1% throughout the forecast period 2019-2025.

Increasing awareness towards hygienic water supply in rural regions is driving the PVC pipe market demand globally. Complete recyclability of PVC material makes these pipes as a primary solution for the manufacturers than the alternative piping materials. PVC pipes do not rust over time and can withstand extreme movement in earthquake-prone zones. The smooth inner surface of the PVC pipes enables them to handle high water pressure and reduces fluid friction and resistance to flow and making them suitable for piping applications. Also, these pipes are widely used in fluid transportation and drinking water supply as they are inert and can resist the growth of bacteria such as E. coli. Moreover, PVC pipes can withstand extreme movements, without experiencing any severe damage to the material, they are widely replacing traditional concrete piping. Usage of anti-microbial plastic pipes to improve hygiene, replacement of traditional material pipes with eco-friendly ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) and PE plastic pipes, which in turn, incite the growth of the PVC pipe market worldwide.

APAC Holding Major Share of the PVC Pipe Market

APAC generated 48% of the PVC pipe market global revenue in 2018. Countries such as China, South Korea, and India are leading the market owing to their remarkable growth in the industrial sector. APAC is expected to remain the largest market and witness the highest growth rate over the forecast period due to infrastructure development, and the continuous growth of the residential construction. Rapid urbanization and industrialization in this region are the triggering factors for the growth of the PVC pipe market.

The application segment that will be creating the most lucrative opportunities for the PVC pipe market is the construction industry. This application segment is projected to grow at a CAGR of 5% through to 2025. In the construction sector, PVC pipes are typically used for water supply and building sewer systems. The growing construction industry is increasing the demand for the PVC pipes in that sector.

The Major Players in the PVC Pipe Market:

Prominent players in the PVC pipe market include Amanco, China Lesso Group Holdings Ltd., Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc., IPEX Inc., Egeplast a.s., JM Eagle Company, Inc., Finolex Industries Ltd, North American Pipe Corporation, Pipelife International GmbH, National Pipe and Plastics Inc, Plastika AS, Polypipe Plc, Royal Building Products, Tessenderlo Group, Sekisui Chemical Company Ltd, and Tigre SA.

Mergers and acquisitions are the other key strategies adopted by the players to stay ahead of their competitors.  Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc., an American-based plastics pipe company has announced its acquisition with Infiltrator Water Technologies, an American-based wastewater treatment systems provider on Aug 1, 2019. With this acquisition Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc. has enhanced its water management solutions to a broader set of consumers around the globe. Such acquisitions aid the market players to expand their geographical boundaries and accentuate their footprint into the global PVC pipe market.

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