According to the new market research report by IndustryARC titled “Pico Projectors Market: By Technology (Digital Light Processing(DLP), Liquid Crystal on Silicon(LCoS), Laser Beam Steering(LBS), and others); By Type (Embedded Pico Projector, Non-Embedded Pico Projector, Media Player Pico Projector, USB Pico Projector, and others); By Industry Verticals (Consumer Electronics, Automotive, Defense & Aerospace, Healthcare, and others); By Geography - (2018-2023)” the market is driven by the demand for bigger screens and sleek models for smartphones so that users can enjoy their experience of watching videos online and offline.

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APAC held the largest market share in the Pico Projector Market

Asia Pacific region holds the largest market share in the pico projector market and is anticipated to reach $2.2 billion by 2023. Smartphone companies are continuously developing new models and it is complemented with advancements in display technologies. Such advancements including better resolution and brightness are also leading to several problems such as high power consumption, while increasing the total cost of ownership. Pico projector manufacturing companies are enabling next generation multimedia projector also known as displays and aids consumer electronics’ company to create differentiation in terms of their pico projector technology for different end user market.

Selected Analysis done in the full report
  • The advantages of using laser sources for the illumination of micro display based projection displays are compelling in comparison to other technologies. The displays enabled by laser projection technology improve image brightness, power efficiency and image contrast, make possible a wider gamut of colors, reduce size of both the illumination source and the optical system, and improve the depth of field for focus-free usage.
  • The companies are laying a huge emphasis on the projection output such as visible/ non-visible infrared, high resolution, high brightness, high contrast, ultra wide field of view, and on enabling augmented reality and integration features such as ultra-miniature size, low power consumption and low material cost. These set of major specifications will enable the adoption of compact projectors’ market. 
  • Licensing is the key revenue strategy for most of the companies operating in the domain of technology development. Companies will license its technologies to the major OEMs, original design manufacturers (ODMs) and global Tier 1 and 2 manufacturers. Laser pico projector use micro scanning technology is expected to dominate the market in future.

Excerpts on Market Growth Factors

  • Although high volume of people watch online videos and news on their smartphones, very few actually like the experience of watching movies, videos and news on their smartphones. There is a demand for bigger screens and sleek models for smartphones so that users can enjoy their experience of watching videos online and offline. Smartphone companies are continuously developing new models and it is complemented with advancements in display technologies.
  • Compatibility of device with different types of displays, will act as the major driver for adoption. In addition, this will significantly improve users’ experience. The strength of the device for automotive application will lay in its compatibility with different types of heads-up displays (HUDs): reflective, re-emissive and combiner.
  • The pico projector developing companies is expected to achieve most of its market revenue from major consumer electronics manufacturers based in Asia and United States. Lemoptix’, laser scanning microprojection technology for pico portable HD projectors was acquired by the Intel Corporation. This further ascertain the interest of Intel in pico projection technology and wide scale integration and adoption from medium term onwards.
  • Disruptive applications that will contribute to the mass market adoption include: wearable displays, automotive heads-up displays and smart headlamps, embedded projectors and 3D motion sensing in smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Key players of Pico Projector Market:

  • Texas Instrument is one of the leading player in pico projector market. The company is expected to the dominant player with constant product launches and developments. The most important challenge that the pico projectors in the consumer electronics industry face is the resolution of images on different surfaces. With the advancement in the displays of televisions, laptops and mobile phones, there is a need for resolution of 720 progressive scans and brightness of 20‒30 lumens in pico projectors. This makes it more difficult for developers/ manufacturers to provide high quality image on certain surfaces, for instance, curved surfaces. The demand is not only for high quality images but also for high quality projection of movies, video games or even touchscreen menus. It is vital for the pico projector companies to provide high resolution and brightness to stay abreast of current market demand.
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