Geiger Counter Market exists due to the imperative need to detect and measure ionizing radiations. Geiger counter, geiger muller detector, or geiger muller counter is a digital readout that detects and measure radiation dosimetry, experimental physics, and radiological protection. This instrument finds its application in the healthcare, research, nuclear, military, law enforcement, and mining industries. The above-mentioned end-user industries are subjected to one or the other harmful radiations, and it is important to detect and measure such radiations to prevent their aftermaths. The geiger counter readings detect the presence of alpha particles, gamma rays, and beta particles using the ionization effect created in the geiger muller tube. The instrument is widely popular as a hand-held radiation survey instrument and a personal radiation detector. It is highly popular among the various end-user industries owing to its features such as durability, portability, economic feasibility, and its ability to detect radiations of all types. The Geiger Counter Market scope portrays a positive growth at a moderate CAGR of 6.42% during the forecast period 2019 to 2025. The global geiger counter market size adjourned at $352.44 million as of 2018 and is probable to witness a stable growth in the upcoming years.

Americas: The most Lucrative Demography   

The Americas generated the highest revenues during the year 2018. The region was responsible for 31.5% market share in the global geiger counter market. Geiger counters are popular in the region owing to the increased curiosity of people to find out which type of radiation is found in their area. These instruments are easily available in local hardware stores in the region and therefore are prevalent among the high-school and college students, and nuclear study enthusiasts. Geiger counter is used for detecting the harmful nuclear radiations after an explosion. According to the Arms Control Association (ACA), the United States has so far conducted 1,030 nuclear test explosions, among these 215 were atmospheric and the rest 815 tests were underground. Majority of these tests were carried out in the area surrounding the Nevada region; thus, the concentration of nuclear radiation in the area is high and therefore there exist a dire need to check the area for harmful radiation. The application of geiger counters is highly important in such areas to detect potential harmful nuclear radiations. Such nuclear experiments and military activities going on in the United States are burgeoning the demands for geiger counters in the Americas region.

Application Analysis in the Geiger Counter Market

The geiger counter has numerous applications in the end-user industries however its application in the military sector is poised to be the most lucrative application in the global geiger counter market, and the demands in the same are projected to grow at a CAGR of 6.64% during the forecast period. The field operations in potential threatening territories are one of the main places where the geiger counter is used. Also, warzones and battlefields post-war are a place that contains massive deposits of radioactive materials which leaves harmful radiations. Avoiding such situations are necessary for the safety of military personnel; therefore, the maximum demands for geiger market are witnessed from the military and defense sector. Additionally, the increased instances of terrorist attacks are also fueling the growing adoption of geiger counters in the defense and military sectors.

Geiger Counter Market Trends

The OEMs are developing · Wearable geiger counters. These wearable electronics will certainly increase the feasibility and availability of the geiger counter in various sectors such as the healthcare and the mining sector.

· Geiger counters equipped with the Internet and touch screen capabilities are trending among the OEMs. These advanced geiger counters will allow the users to track and analyze the data being produced during the radiation. This received data will be helpful for the operatives in conducting further tasks in the respective sectors.

Extended End-user Utility of Geiger Counter

Nuclear Energy Sector: The development in the nuclear energy sector is flourishing at a substantial pace. Research and development departments in the nuclear energy sector are working to find a sustainable and safe way to use nuclear energy for domestic and industrial use. The active experiments are employing a huge number of geiger counters to detect ionized radiations. According to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), there are 196 active technical cooperation projects and 35 active coordinated research projects working to implement nuclear energy safely and sustainably. Integrating nuclear energy in a safe ecosystem is necessary as the global energy demands are constantly growing. As per a report from the International Energy Agency (IEA), the global energy demands increased by 2.3% in 2018 portraying the maximum growth in demands in the decade. Thus, the geiger counter market players are leveraging upon the incrementing nuclear activities globally. 

Healthcare Industry: A large number of healthcare activities involve exposure to ionizing radiations such as the X-rays and ultrasound waves. These radiations are effecting patients and workers in hospitals worldwide. Hospital staff needs special attention towards radiological procedures involved. Personal dosimeters and strategically placed geiger counter are being used by the medical staff that measures radioactive radiations and send real-time data for processing. This received data is studied, and it provides insights related to the gamma and X-ray radiation in the hospital environment. The growing instances of accidents and childbirths have induced the requirement for X-rays and ultrasounds, respectively; this indicates the increment in radiations, which thereby induces the need for geiger counters in the healthcare industry. Also, government mandates and rules are being issued to foster ionization radiation safety. 

Mining Sector: The mining sector is another huge industry which is using the geiger counter extensively. In the mining industry, geiger counter plays a key role in safeguarding people against accidents through the release of toxic gases, radiations, vapors, and hazardous substances in underground mines. Implementation of geiger counter integrated with digital user interface and internet connection allows the workers to read the received data and analyze the potential radiation threats before entering the underground mines. Ensuring worker’s safety in the mines is imperative and stringent government regulations are being adopted to reduce the risks from radioactive radiations in mines. These regulations have significantly boosted the demands for geiger counters in recent years.

Geiger Counter Market Competitive Landscape

The companies operating in the geiger counter market are Ludlum Measurements, Mirion Technologies, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Arrow-Tech, Ecotest, FLIR Systems, Fuji Electric, Gamma-Scout, International Medcom, John Caunt Scientific, Quarta-Rad, Polimaster, S.E. International, and Soeks USA among others.

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