The batter and breader premixes market will be highly disrupted by a growing trend for eating non-GMO (genetically modified organism) food products and gluten-free edibles. The food and beverage industry is experiencing a trend for vegan and gluten-free foods which is considered to be healthier than their vegetarian, non-vegetarian, and GMO counterparts. Moreover, the consumption of food items such as breaded chicken, tempura batter, bread crumbs, chicken fillet, chicken parmesan, and chicken patties is increasing which is supporting the market dynamics. The batter and breader premixes market has been quick to catch up on this trend and come up with options for people with food allergies and digestive disorders. This has tremendously assisted in the growth of the batter and breader premixes market size.

The working class in the contemporary scenario is often short on time and is highly dependent on pre-packaged foods. Additionally, a growing trend for fitness and an increase in awareness for eating healthier in order to avoid medical issues has incited a habit of eating home-cooked meals. This has become an important factor for the increase in the batter and breader premixes market share. Furthermore, an increase in disposable income has also empowered people with more options to eat outside. The sales of the restaurant industry in 2019 were estimated at $863 billion. This is reflective of the burgeoning size of the HoReCa segment that also contributes to the growth of the batters and breader premixes market share. Junk food stores are sprawling across most street markets and are often sold at subsidized rates. These stores make a high use of batter premixes that help them in minimizing cooking time. These factors will be pivotal in the rise of the batter and breader premixes market size in the upcoming years.

The market earned a total annual revenue of $1.2 billion in 2018. Additionally, the batter and breader premixes market share has further been evaluated to grow with a CAGR of 5.8% during the forecast period 2019-2025.

The Batter and Breader Premixes Market: Adhesion Batter as the Most Promising Segment

On the basis of type, the batter and breader premixes market can be segmented into adhesion, tempura, beer, thick, and customized batter. According to IndustryARC’s research, adhesion batter has emerged as an important segment of the market. It will grow with a CAGR of 5.5% during the forecast period 2019-2025. Adhesion batters are primarily composed out of sticky or adhesive edible constituents such as starch. These constituents are primarily derived out of food products such as eggs, flours, gums, corn starch, extracted potato starch, and others. High inclusion of starch in these batters has made them quite popular amongst consumers of the food and beverage industry. They are adept in tightly binding the coating to the outer layers of the food product. Through this, they are able to provide better texture, aesthetic and sensory appeal to prepared food items. Increasing popularity for fried foods in which the coatings are intact around the prepared product has provided impetus to this segment and will lead to further growth during the forecast period.

North America As The Geographical Leader Of The Market

North America has emerged as the leading region of the batter and breader premixes market. The region held a 36% share of the total revenue earned by the market in 2018. This share can be attributed to several factors including higher consumption of meat products, a matured HoReCa market, negligible barriers to entry, and a composite culture. In 2018, the United States of America imported meat products worth $8 billion. Simultaneously, the country stood at the top of the world in terms of meat product exports approximately amounting to $17 billion. These exports largely include frozen or ready-to-eat meat products that contain batter and breader premixes. North American countries such as Canada, Mexico, and the US also feature a highly matured restaurant sector. Now, the restaurants and other food joints in Canada helped the foodservice industry in the country earn more than $84 billion in 2017.

A large number of these restaurants rely on millennial food trends which are highly inclusive of fried or baked meat products that use batters and breader premixes in abundance. It is estimated that millennials are highly reliant on breakfast food products or snacks on the go which are normally fried or baked meat products that can provide the protein requirement while tasting good at the same time. Food products such as tempura, hashbrowns, fried chicken, and others are quite popular in North America and have helped the batter and breader premixes market gain prominence in the region. Additionally, the North American countries feature a crowd that are highly fond of food and festivities. This has contributed majorly to the batter and breader premixes market. The U.S. alone hosts approximately 98 food fairs or state fairs across all states that serve as mass consumers for batter premixes. Furthermore, owing to their mature educational and job sectors, the US and Canada house a large number of immigrants. In 2017, approximately 44.5 million immigrants were living in the U.S. These immigrants indirectly cause the creation of a composite culture, a prominent feature of which is food. Different food backgrounds interest the public and lead to the establishment of a large number of new restaurants. This has further contributed to the growth of the market in this region.

The Batter and Breader Premixes Market: Key Market Players

With the rise in the food services industry, the batter and breader premixes market is witnessing a huge potential for growth. Key market players are investing their resources in inventing and producing premixes that are more in accordance with customer food preferences. These key market players include Archer Daniels Midland Company, Bowman Ingredients, Coalesence LLC, Ingredion Incorporated, Kerry Group, Newly Weds Foods Inc., Bunge North America Inc., Showa Sangyo Co., Ltd., Lily River Foods, and House-Autry Mills.

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