The contemporary industrial growth with the development of the oil and gas, pharmaceutical, and other industries coupled with the stringent regulations pertaining to wastewater discharge from production plants across sectors is leading to considerable demand influx in the produced water treatment systems market. Wastewater comprises of impurities such as oil, waxes, sand, scales, greases, dissolved salts, CO2 (carbon dioxide) and H2S (hydrogen sulfide) gases, naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM), production chemicals, hydrocarbons, and various metals. Accordingly, produced water treatment system act as an ideal solution in removing these substances which enable the produced water for re-use. This is leading to an increase in demand for separation equipment such as ultrafiltration membranes, Reverse Osmosis, nanofiltration membranes, and microfiltration membranes. The rise in demand for water coupled with the stringent environmental limits such as components of produced water must possess persistent, and toxic properties are increasing the essentiality to recover and re-use this water by using physical, chemical, and biological methods. Additionally, increasing environmental awareness and regulations are driving the produced water treatment systems market demand, especially in oil and gas reservoirs and production wells. Oil & gas companies’ competitive spirit in adopting new technologies to obtain effective results during produced water treatment is increasing their produced water treatment systems market share among all end-user industries globally. Already, the oil & gas capital expenditure is projected to grow at 4% in 2019 to reach $497 billion. This upsurge of capital spending in the oil and gas industry is replicating the expansion of the produced water treatment systems market size.

As a result of increasing demand from the end-use industries, the produced water treatment systems market size was evaluated at $3.66 billion in 2018 and is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 4.8% all through the forecast period 2019-2025, according to the global produced water treatment systems report.   

The report evaluates produced water treatment systems market size based on treatment technology, type, application, and end-user. Furthermore, it provides a detailed analysis of prominent players and startups with their produced water treatment systems market share on a global basis.

Produced Water Treatment Systems Market Gaining Traction from the Booming Oil & Gas Industry:

Onshore produced water treatment provides additional oil and gas recovery, and supports civil usage. Therefore, the onshore application of produced water treatment systems is set to grow at a CAGR of 5.7% during the forecast period. Generally, physical and chemical processes are used to treat the bi-product (produced water) of the oil & gas industry. However, the biological treatments are chosen to treat the produced water during crude-oil extraction, because of its efficiency in removing impurities along with the operating costs.  The increased intention of oil and gas producers to resolve the issue of water management in the oil and gas industry is boosting the onshore application of the produced water treatment systems market because this application needs less time investment when compared to offshore application. It has resulted in the implementation of produced water treatment plants by companies to provide onshore produced water with fewer contaminants and also following the environmental regulations. Thus, the companies are encouraging new innovations in onshore drilling and also in developing new technologies such as coalescing plate separation, induced gas flotation, and multimedia filtration. Suitable treatment of produced water in oil & gas refineries augments the use of water supplies at irrigation, livestock watering, and stream flow augmentation, and therefore, the implementation of produced water treatment systems is encouraged in these industries.   

Europe Produced Water Treatment Systems Market:

In 2018, Germany was the top exporter of “machinery and apparatus for purifying water”. The country had exported $1.2 billion value purifying water machinery which resulted in 8% annual growth during 2017-2018. Moreover, this country had occupied a major share in the world exports of these types of machinery that is about 14.3% as of 2018. Furthermore, Europe occupied leading share of 34.3% among other regions in the global produced water treatment systems market in 2018. In Europe, tertiary treatment is preferred for secondary and primary treatments. Additionally, Europe production indicator (PI) accounts 23% for oil and 45% in the case of gas. PI below 100% indicates the need to import oil & gas. Therefore, this scenario is representing the demand for oil & gas in this region. Hence, the large scope expansion of oil & gas industry indirectly raises the necessity of produced water treatment systems in Europe. Increased focus of the market players in utilizing these opportunities has resulted in the rise of investments in the oil and gas industry for enhanced oil recovery, which increases the possibility of produced water volumes, which in turn, increases the produced water treatment systems market size.  

Trends in the Produced Water Treatment Systems Marketplace:

·     As a Resource: The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) aimed to resolve the water security challenges of the U.S. by 2030. Transformation of produced water as a resource is one of the goals of DOE. Thus, the resource recovery techniques play a vital role in enhancing the cost-effective and sustainability related to the produced water treatment systems. This approach aids to address the water scarcity problem in water-stressed regions by providing water resources for mineral extraction and processing, agricultural use, and also for reuse purpose in several industrial operations. Hence, the produced water treatment system market growth is driven by the rise in demand for the conversion of produced water into a resource.

·   Growing number of Oil and Gas Wells: The increase in the number of oil and gas wells along with their production resulted in large volumes of produced water as output. For instance, 37.8 billion gallons of produced water was obtained as an output of the oil and natural gas production in New Mexico for the year 2017. The UIC Class II injection program plays a crucial role in managing produced water in this state. All these factors increasing the produced water treatment systems market size.

Major Players in the Produced Water Treatment Systems Market – Competitive Landscape:

Siemens AG, FMC Technologies, Inc., Alderley plc, Aker Solutions, Veolia, Frames Group, CETCO Energy Services, Eco-Tec, Schlumberger Limited, Aquatech International, Ovivo, Thermo Energy Corporation, Ecosphere Technologies, Inc., Global Water Engineering, and Miox Corporation are the major players involved in the produced water treatment systems marketplace. These companies are concentrating to implement ample business strategies to mark their brand name by increasing their produced water treatment systems market share for the same, worldwide. Latest development in the produced water treatment systems marketplace –

In 2019, XRI Holdings, LLC has signed an agreement to acquire Fountain Quail Energy Services, LLC. XRI is a major player when it comes to treating and recycling the produced water in almost every major North American shale productions. Fountain Quail’s ROVER, SCOUT, and MAVREX water treatment systems are highly efficient in offering 30% - 80% savings for operators, especially on water management costs. In addition to this, it also eliminates the requirement for produced water transport & disposal and freshwater sourcing as well. This acquisition is intended to combine the Fountain Quail’s low-cost and high-efficient treatment systems with XRIs water midstream systems in order to treat oilfield wastewater of the Shale Revolution.

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