Innovations Transforming Livestock Production:

Technology transformation is aiding the development of livestock production nowadays. The advent of yeast bioactive technology has brought about potential benefits to cattle farmers by increasing the revenue of the animal products. The feed yeast market will acquire huge profits in recent and forthcoming years induced by the advent of this innovative technology. Currently, this novel solution has been put forward by the Canadian Bio-Systems Inc. who provides this dynamic yeast bioactive feed. Infiltrated into the regular supplements of the diet of the poultry and livestock animals, yeast bioactive has emerged as an alternative to the low-quality animal feed. Consequently, it enhances animal performance, improves their health, and also increases the number of end products such as milk, meat, eggs, and others. These yeast bioactive have also evolved as the latest approach towards reducing the use of chemical antibiotics in farm animals. This aids in raising organic livestock which significantly elevates the demand for cattle farming in the current scenario. Newer and better yeast bioactive is being launched in the global market which offers a leap forward in the conventional methods of the livestock and animal feed industry. Also, this will increment the utilization of feed yeast in the poultry and livestock industry. Concurrently, the application of feed yeast in poultry is projected to experience a 5.6% CAGR through to 2025. The revolutionary yeast bioactive technology is likely to offer a boost to modern livestock production thereby increasing the global feed yeast market.

The global feed yeast market size stood at $1.2 billion in the year 2018 facilitated by the huge demand of yeast in the baking industry, cattle farming, brewery industry, and many others. Subsequently, the feed yeast market is estimated to increase at a CAGR of 5.1% during the forecast period of 2019-2025.

North America is leading the global feed yeast market and contributed a regional share of 34% in 2018. This major contribution is enabled by a large number of bakery manufacturing industries, huge demand for livestock products, and a healthy brewery economic in this region. Nearly 82% of the total beer was produced in domestic regions in the United States in 2018. This is reflective of the huge production of beer in this region simultaneously signifying the huge dependency on feed yeasts in breweries. Also, as an important part of the food culture of this region, bakery items are largely manufactured to meet the demand of the domestic population. Concurrently, the economic output of the bakery industry in the U.S. accounted for $153 billion. This statistic also shows a huge revenue prospect for the feed yeast market in this region. Moreover, the per capita consumption of poultry and livestock to reach 220.9 pounds in the U.S. by the year 2020. This will subsequently upheave the demand for yeasts in producing the livestock feeds. As a result, this will effectively aid the feed yeast market growth in this region in the forecasted years.

Interdependency of the Brewery Industry and Feed Yeasts:

Earlier the brewery industry had to rely on the yeasts-microscopic fungi in alcohol making. This notion has been changed drastically with the discovery of newer methods of yeast cultivation from brewery wastes which will initiate a novel interdependency of the yeast and brewery industry in recent times. The feed yeast market will experience humongous growth and leverage huge benefits through this innovative approach. Researchers at the Nanyang Technological University revolutionized the sustainable waste-to-nutrient technology in 2017 thereby offering a boost to the current brewer’s yeast market. Consequently, the brewery’s yeast industry will retain huge growth scopes and make space for newer innovations in recent and forthcoming years. Concurrently, this will upheave the global feed yeast market revenue in the forecasted years.

Industry 4.0 And Smart Technology in Fermentation Process:

Industry 4.0 is spreading all over the world and transforming the manufacturing procedures and processing of the end products with the application of smart technologies. The feed yeast market is hugely benefited by this revolution with the development of breweries. Wine and other alcohol production followed through the fermentation process include the usage of yeasts such as wine yeast to enhance the flavor and quality of the end-product. However, the fermentation performance relies on the ability of the yeast to react to the modern brewery practices such as temperature, concentration, oxygen supply, and others. Concurrently, deploying effective monitoring devices to translate the fermentation actions into data which aids in better decision making and improving operational and strategic planning. Significantly, the idea of a smart fermentation solution is likely to produce high-quality alcohols thereby increasing the revenue of the brewery industry. For instance, the Global Yeast Company offers this advanced solution -Bio Cal- which provides real-time supervision and data interpretation service of the sugar conversion procedures. The Industry 4.0 transformation in the brewery industry will simultaneously bring better scopes for the global feed yeast market and also increase the demand prospects for years to come forth.

Current Yeast Innovations for the Food Industry:

The food industry is experiencing a boost and growth owing to the new developments in the production of nutritional yeast. Nowadays, engineered synthetic yeast are opening new possibilities for improving the food quality and nutritional value of the edible products. Synthetically cultivated new strain of baker’s yeast is claimed to yield superior quality bakery products and alcohol with minimal residual substances. With less waste, better quality food and beverages, and efficient processing, there will be increased economic output. Consequently, this innovation will generate a huge demand for the feed yeast market in the forthcoming years.

Yeast Probiotics in Culturing Mini Livestock:

Insect feed and edible food are gaining a prominent place among the people in recent times. With high protein content, insect and larvae generate huge demand and have occupied a separate segment in today’s livestock industry. Recently, scientists have discovered a new yeast probiotic for insects to boost their zootechnical performance of effectively producing a large quantity of animal feed from waste biomass. Furthermore, being highly nutritious, edible insects are utilized in human diets across the world. These insect feeds are actively produced in different sections of the world and with the rising demand for cattle animals, these small protein feed industries are also likely to grow simultaneously. Owing to the current global demand for livestock, the production rate is estimated to reach 465 million tons by 2050. Taking note of the current production and trading of poultry, cattle, and aquatic animals, there is a huge prospect for the mini livestock which will significantly increment the yeast probiotic adoption. A replacement for meat and other organic feed for farm and aquatic animals, insect farming will rely hugely on the feed yeast market for producing yeast probiotics in recent and future times.

Pioneering Market Players and Their Contributions:

The global feed yeast market share is upheaved by the huge contributions of the pioneering players. Some of these leading companies include AngelYeast Co., Ltd., Associated British Foods plc, The Archer Daniels Midland Company, Alltech, Cargill, Incorporated, Lesaffre, Lallemand Inc., Novus International, Inc., Leiber GmbH, Biorigin, and others.

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