Progesterone is an endogenous steroid which is secreted by the corpus luteum, a temporary endocrine gland that the female body produces after ovulation during the second half of the menstrual cycle. It reduces the menopausal symptoms and curtails the risk of premature delivery. The synthetic progesterone with similar properties, which is made artificially is called progestin. The only Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the form of progesterone replacement for assisted reproductive technology (ART) is the vaginal gel and over 40 million doses were prescribed over the decade in the progesterone market. Some of the key players in the progesterone market are Pfizer, Solvay, GlaxoSmithKline, Sanofi Aventis, Actavis, Asen, Chenggu, Zhejiang Medicine Xinchang, Hongyuan Pharmaceutical, Senzu, and Xian Gaoyuan.

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In this research report by IndustryARC, the market for progesterone is segmented according to the type into natural and synthetic; by form into gel, capsules, injection, cream, suppositories; and and by areas of applications into amenorrhea, dysfunctional uterine bleeding, endometrial hyperplasia, premenstrual syndrome, contraception, infertility, hormone replacement therapy and mastodynia. Some of the major market growth factors are growing occurrences of infections, for example, anomalous uterine dying, amenorrhea, uterine tumor, breast cancer etc. According to the regional outlook foreseen by the business report, North America will continue to dominate the market demand in the near future, followed by the Asia Pacific and Europe.

As per the statistics of trade analysis in this market research report, the total value of exports of progesterone in 2017 around the world was $672.65 million and the total quantity exported was 822 tons. The figures are expected to increase during the forecast period (2018-2023) considering the global market demand. China had topped the countries’ list of exports of progesterone with total exports value of $204.3 million which was 30.4% of the world’s total export value. The total quantity of progesterone exported by China was 460 tons. The world’s trade balance, which is the difference between the value of the exports and the value of the imports in 2017, was $40.3 million. The annual growth value percentage from 2013 to 2017 in the world was -3% and that of quantity is 1%. The percentage annual growth value between from 2016 to 2017 in the world was 3%.

The other top 5 countries in the list of exporters in the Progesterone Market are Italy with 45 tons of progesterone valued at $93.7 million, The Netherlands with 27 tons of progesterone valued at $87.7 million, Belgium with 79 tons of progesterone valued at $73.1 million and Germany with 13 tons of progesterone valued at $60.6 million in 2017. 

The total quantity of progesterone imported in 2017 was 685 tons and its total value was $632.2 million. Belgium stood top in the list of importers in this market with the total imports of 80 tons of progesterone which was worth $89.5 million. The percentage annual growth in quantity in the world from 2013 to 2017 was -2% and the value was -19%. The percentage annual growth value between from 2016 to 2017 in the world was -2%.

The other top 5 countries in the list of importers in the progesterone market are: the United States of America with 60 tons of progesterone valued at $76.9 million; The Netherlands with 33 tons of progesterone valued at $41.5 million; Brazil with 11 tons of progesterone valued at $40.4 million; and Italy with 66 tons of progesterone valued at $40.3 million in 2017.

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As per the Progesterone market outlook is foreseen by the IndustryARC’s report, there are zero chances of decline in the imports and exports of progesterone in the coming years. The most prominent factor to propel its market demand is the vital role progesterone plays in the healthcare industry during pregnancy as maintaining its level in the body during that phase is obligatory. A steady supply of progesterone to the endometrium helps in nurturing the developing fetus throughout the pregnancy. Drop in the progesterone level may result in the onset of labor and even miscarriage. The global fertility rate has dropped to 2.5, roughly half of what was 50 years ago, creating a global forum with ample opportunities in the market. The average global replacement rate is 2.1 children per woman and there are 46% of the world's population living in countries which are below this rate. Countries are trying to increase the global fertility rate and these attempts are directly proportional to the growth in progesterone market share.

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