IndustryARC analysts have come up with a report on Microelectromechanical Systems that contains substantial information on MEMS market development, MEMS market revenue, and forecast. Analysts predict MEMS market to grow at robust CAGR of 15%-18% during the forecast period of 2019-2025. The report contains vital information such as the MEMS market size which is estimated to be between $11 billion to $12 billion. Region-wise MEMS market analysis provided in the report reveals Asia Pacific as the one cultivating maximum demand, accounting for 32% to 35% of the overall demand in 2018. End use industry analysis of the report has detected consumer electronics as the key segment of the MEMS market, with the demand incrementing at approximately 16% CAGR over the said forecast period. The report is titled MEMS Market: By Devices, By Application (Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Healthcare and Medical, Industrial, Aerospace & Defense, and Others), & By Geography- Analysis & Forecast (2019- 2025).’

Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) are set to influence the automation industry by enabling microsystems to sense, and control the environment around them. The sensors working in nanoelectromechanical systems are adept at measuring the environment around them, processing the information, and using it to make the actuators respond for a desired purpose. This brings us closer to augmented reality, and redefines the way we use electronic products.  

Browse 53 Market Tables, 176 Figures spread through 155 slides and an in-depth TOC “MEMS Market (2019 - 2025)

Global Microelectromechanical Systems Market: Competitive Landscape

  • Broadcom
Broadcom, headquartered in San Jose California is a designer, and developer company of semiconductors and solutions pertaining to infrastructure. In 2017, Broadcom became the number one vendor in the MEMS market, and credited most of its MEMS sales to 5G Internet related products. According to Broadcom, radio frequency filters are driving the growth of their sales, and allowing them to reach the top level. Since the application of radio frequency filters is infinite, companies like Broadcom thrive on the demand. 

  • Robert Bosch
It is the one of the world’s finest engineering and electronic companies, and was founded in Germany. Robert Bosch has perpetually worked in the MEMS market, and have come up with MEMS that have sensors controlled with motion. These are equipped into mobile phones and provide us with a better, increased performance. These sensors can also be fit into air conditioners and control our environment on the basis of humidity, air quality, and related factors. Robert Bosch is considered to be the pioneer in the field of MEMS, and started production in the MEMS market in 1995. They have increased the scope of MEMS in the field of technology, and added them to nearly all devices like cars, smartphones, fitness trackers, etc. 

Global Microelectromechanical Market: Demand Analysis

MEMS market is thriving on technological demand coming from consumer electronics. With the advancement in technology, youngsters are delving into technological products that have a command over every aspect of their lives. These electronic products all run efficiently on the basis of semiconductors like MEMS which use sensor technology for controlling the environment and exercising modularity. 

According to our analyst, Asia Pacific will continue to have maximum demand for the MEMS market with countries like China, and Japan leading in automotive industries. 

Microelectromechanical system will continue to have an indirect impact on our lives. This will happen on the basis of our increased demand of consumer electronics that rule our lives. Consumers cannot live without smartphones, and other essential electronic products, and while that happens the MEMS market will thrive.

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