The Aluminum Metaphosphate Al(PO3)3is also known as Metaphospheric acid as it belongs to the product categories of Aluminum salts, Metal and Ceramic salts. It has molecular weight of 263.90, density of 2.78 g/cm3 and is available in powder form which makesit a suitable constituent for glazes, enamels, glasses and used as heat insulation cement additives.The Aluminum Metaphosphates Market is segmented based on grades, packaging and applications.

The major challenges faced  by the Aluminum metaphosphate market are that it can  easily be substituted by other chemicals as binders and fluxing agents and  is mildly hazardous when it comes in contact with  skin, eyes and other mucous membrane  or when  inhaled. But neither of these two challenges are strong enough to completely disrupt the market.

The Aluminum Metaphosphate market has a lot of advantages as it is a good binding agent, fluxing agent and can with stand high temperatures as well. Opportunities for the market to grow lie in the adhesive market, glass and optical fiber market, construction and coatings.

One of the drivers for the Aluminium metaphosphate market is it embraces high content of P2O5 (~80 %) which is utilized for the production of glass materials. Other important advantages for the market include its strong binding properties, which makes it a strong adhesive and is widely used in constructionand automobile industry.

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Aluminum Metaphosphate is used as a binding agent in adhesive primers as well, since the adhesive market is seeing a growth in emerging economies for construction and the increasing use of adhesives in aerospace sector is also going to be a key driver for this market. 

Research and Development related to the products use in different directions such as magnetic steel coatings and filtration devices is one of the factor propelling the Aluminum Metaphosphate market. Further, the research in the recovery of phosphorous from wastes and different methods of production is alsoan important factor for the growth of Aluminum Metaphosphate market in a positive direction.

The application of Aluminum Metaphosphate in the production of glass and optical fibers is thriving the market as the market for optical fiber is propelled to grow for the next couple of years which is going to pull along the market for aluminum phosphate as well.

The major avenues of growth are going to be the adhesive market and the optical fiber market.  Growth of optical fiber market will boost the demand for Aluminum Metaphosphate. R&D done in Aluminum metaphosphates’ binding properties and heat resistancewill make it more suitable for adhesives and will foster a high growth in near future.

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