Aluminum chlorohydrate is used in pharmaceutical industries as antiperspirants to reduce the amount of sweat on the skin and as a deodorant to reduce the underarm odor. It is used in the wastewater treatment plants in removing COD and BOD, iron, fluorides and floating oils. Aluminum chlorohydrate market is segmented by form and end-user industry. Aluminum chlorohydrate is highly basic which has little impact on alkalinity and pH. So, this is be perfect for treating water which has low alkalinity. Because of its higher ion activity, aluminum chlorohydrate is dosed at lower feed rates diminishing slop age. Aluminum chloride is likewise utilized as an added substance in a wide scope of industrial applications where larger amounts of aluminum ion are required. It is also used as a refractory binder to increase the bonding refractory material composition.

Since aluminum chlorohydrate is used as an antiperspirant agent in underarm cosmetics, its demand is increasing and this acts as the major driver for the growth of the global Aluminum Chlorohydrate Market over the forecast periodfrom 2018 to 2023. Besides, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has considered the utilization of aluminum chlorohydrate in antiperspirants as effective and safe. The number of waste and drinking water treatment plants are increasing because of expanding government activities for water treatment. This is also expected to affect the development of the aluminum chlorohydrate market, attributable to its utilization in water treatment as a coagulant to remove suspended particles, BOD and COD etc., present in water.

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One of the major challenges in this Aluminum ChlorohydrateMarket is the fluctuating prices of raw materials used. The major raw materials for the production of aluminum chlorohydrateare aluminum ash, activated bauxite, hydrochloric acid. As there is more than one raw material used, fluctuations in the prices of any of these raw materials impact the production cost of aluminum chlorohydrate. 

There are many alternatives available for aluminum chlorohydrate in the market, some of them include potassium alum, aluminum dichlorohydrate and aluminum zirconium chlorohydrate. As potassium alum is a much larger molecule than aluminum chlorohydrate, it won’t be absorbed through the skin,unlike the aluminum chlorohydrate. Baking soda, cornstarchand lemon juice are also considered as natural antiperspirants. The presence of all these alternatives to the aluminum chlorohydrate can be considered as one of the major restraints in this market.

Even with the presence of natural and similar alternate antiperspirants to aluminum chlorohydrate in the market, it has its own advantages. Aluminum chlorohydratecreates a temporary plug inside the sweat duct and this helpsinbringing down the sweat flow to the surface of the skin. It also creates an environment which is belligerent to the growth of bacteria that produces malodor. This finally decreases the underarm odor. As far as the alternatives are considered, no alternative is as effective as the aluminum chlorohydrate. Aluminum chlorohydrate,of all salts,is the simplest one that will not cause any damage tofabrics and is a good skin tolerant. Even though it is a chemical, there are no incidents or scientific evidences that prove the link between the usage of aluminum chlorohydrate and thedevelopment of breast cancer or Alzheimer’s disease. Therefore many opportunities exist in this market in the antiperspirants segment.

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