BASF SE Leads the most number of Patents involving Chlorobenzene and its Derivatives

The chemical Chlorobenzene is extensively used as a degreasing agent and a solvent. It is an essential chemical intermediate in industrial manufacturing of adhesives, paints, polishes, waxes, pharmaceuticals, and rubber. When the chlorination of the benzene is reacted with chlorine, the result is 12 various organic compounds, majorly 1-chlorobenzene, o-dichlorobenzene, and p-dichlorobenzene. The increasing demand for pesticides and other agri-chemicals like Chloropicrin – a wide spectrum herbicide and antimicrobial agent, which extensively uses chlorobenzene and its derivatives is expected lead to increase Chlorobenzene market growth for this chemical. The Chlorobenzene market global trade accounted for $198 million, with top exporters being Germany, India, China and Belgium as many of the top manufacturers are situated in these countries.

Since 2015, there have been a total sum of 13,276 patents applied under the Chlorobenzene Market and its derivatives, out of which only 10,867 have been granted along with an additional 92 amended patents. Year 2017 marked the highest number of patents filed numbering 6,771. Coming to companies that have filed the maximum patents, BASF SE stands out with a record of 887 licenses, while the King Fahd University of Pet & Minerals has documented only 38, since the year 2015. The United States is the country with the maximum patents filed, topping the list with 15,381 applications for the period between 2015 and 2018.

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BASF SE, one of the leading chemicals manufacturers headquartered in Ludwigshafen, Germany has applied the maximum number of patents since 2015 numbering 470, of which 414 have been granted along with 3 amended patents. BASF SE specializes in the manufacturing of polyurethanes extensively used in mattress foams, cushions and automobile cushions, wherein chlorobenzene is an important intermediate chemical in the synthesis of TDI (toluene diisocyanate). Moreover, BASF SE also specializes in the manufacture of rubber chemicals and pesticides, where chlorobenzene and its derivatives are essential ingredients.

Bayer Cropscience is a division of Bayer AG another multinational chemical company based in German. It is the third largest agri-chemicals producer specializing in crop protection and non-agricultural pest control, wherein chlorobenzene is an essential solvent in pesticide formulations. Correlating this with the patents filed since 2015, Bayer AG applied 549 new innovations but were granted only 300, thus placing itself in the second position in filing the most number of patents. 

Another firm that is one of the leading patent appliers is Sumitomo Corporation based in Tokyo, Japan. Since 2015, this firm has applied a total of 582 patents, out of which 306 licenses have been granted along with 2 amended ones. The firm specializes in the measurement of internal atmospheric and environmental pollutant gases using chlorobenzene, using the patented ENFAS technique. Moreover, the patents cover manufacturing of several chemicals like isocyanate where chlorobenzene is a vital intermediate. 

LG Chemicals, a chemicals company based in South Korea, has also contributed a large number of patents relating to chlorobenzene and its derivative compounds. They have filed a total of 431 patents between 2015 and 2018, out of which 206 have been granted. The patents filed cover a range of applications include advance materials, life sciences IT and electronics materials, which the company specialize in. 

United States is the jurisdiction under which the largest number of patents since the year 2015, has been applied and the number amounts to 15,381 applications. Year 2015 recorded the most number of patents with an aggregate of 4,315. The USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) is one of the most accepted, comprehensive and oldest patent authorities in the world and as a result, many entities including corporations, universities and individuals prefer the USPTO. Moreover, the USPTO collaborates with other patent organizations such as the Japan Patent Office (JPO) of Japan and the European Patent Office (EPO). This could be the reason researchers have filed the maximum number of patents under the US jurisdiction. The least number of patents were filed under the jurisdictions of countries like India, Spain, Italy, Portugal and others. These jurisdictions are only recognized in their own domestic territories, and so does not attract global key players and researches to file patents. This could be due to language constraints, lesser recognition and reduced government funding.

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