Kosher and Halal Glycerin now Catering to Jewish and Muslim Customers

Glycerin is obtained as a by-product in the production of biodiesel and so the former’s market demand is linked to that of the latter. This chemical comes in two forms – crude and refined glycerin. Refined glycerin offers emulsifying and moisturizing properties and so is usually used in the manufacture of skin-care, food additives, industrial applications and excipients. Crude glycerin, on the other hand is used to increase the viscosity of certain industry grade formulations. The global Glycerin market seems to be segmented based on demographics pertaining to certain religions and behavioral segmentation also exists as customers are increasingly conscious about the environment.

The key players in the global glycerin production market such as Cargill Incorporated, Godrej Chemicals, Emery Oleo, KLK Oleo offer glycerin in standard form complying with different regulatory authorities such as the United States Pharmacopeia (USP), British Pharmacopeia (BP), Indian Pharmacopeia (IP), European Pharmacopeia (EP), and so on. In addition to this, these manufacturers also cater to the customized formulation needs. Palm oil, a vegetable based oil is extensively used as a raw material in the manufacturing of oleo chemicals. However, the palm oil industry has a bad reputation of conducting unethical and sometimes illegal activities such as deforestation, destruction of habitats and labor abuse at the expense of growing large palm oil plantations. To counter this bad reputation, organizations like the RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) certify companies that obtain palm oil and its derivatives through legal and ethical means.

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Cargill Incorporated, an Iowa (USA) based firm, offers 3 brands of glycerin - USP Grade Glycerin, Technical Grade Glycerin and Crude Glycerin. The USP Grade Kosher Glycerin serves end user applications as excipients and non-pharmaceutical grade food additives. It has a glycerin concentration in excess of 99.7%, and the kosher certification is meant to cater to Jewish customers who are specific about their religious rulings. Another product is the biodiesel based Crude glycerin, which is composed of 80% glycerin along with sodium chloride and methanol, specifically designed to act as an antifreeze.
KLK Oleo, oleochemical producer, based in Malaysia, offers only 2 glycerin products named Palmera and Edenor. Palmera, a refined grade product is manufactured in compliance with BP, EP and USP standards. It is specifically manufactured to serve certain industrial and personal care applications. The company also provides Edenor, a 100% pharmaceutical grade product developed from renewable materials, designed to be used as a moisturizing, lubricating and preservative agent in cough syrups and eye drops. Moreover, KLK Oleo firmly states that its glycerin products are RSPO standards compliant.

Another key player dominating the global Glycerin Market is Godrej Chemicals, a subsidiary of the Godrej Group which is based in Mumbai, India. The company manufactures both refined and crude grade glycerin in compliance with USP, BP, EP, JP and IP standards. Its USP grade glycerin is designed to be in pharmaceutical applications only with a percentage assay of more 99%. It has another CP (Chemically pure) grade glycerin which can be utilized in manufacturing of greases and lubricants, industrial surfactants and fabric care, tyres and rubber, as well as personal care & cosmetics. The majority of its market is in the Indian subcontinent with an extensive reach in more than 80 countries. In addition, all the glycerin products are kosher certified in order to capture more markets globally.

Headquartered in TelokPalingmaGarang, Malaysia, Emery Oleochemicals is another world leading oleochemicals manufacturer, specializing in glycerin and its products. It delivers glycerin products with purity ranges from 86% to 99.8%, based on customer requirements. EDENOR and EMERY are its 2 major glycerin brands marketed for its use in cosmetics, dental care, tobacco, and food and cosmetics applications. Emery Oleochemicals stresses on the manufacturing of glycerin from renewable sources by sustainable means of production. It strictly follows certified RSPO supply chain techniques to be a responsible manufacturer, while catering to the increasing demands from green conscious customers.

It is important to note that glycerin is a by-product in the production of biodiesel and so the global Glycerin Market has been entirely affected by the increase in biodiesel production as well as its demand. Biodiesel which is termed as a renewable energy source is manufactured from vegetable oils or animal fats. Thus, glycerin can be expected to be an additional source of energy, thereby reducing our dependency on fossil fuels. This would mean more demand for renewables, thus contributing to a cleaner and a greener environment.

The most important specification for any glycerin product would be the RSPO certification. A majority of the vegetable based glycerin is derived from palm oil. The RSPO certification would ensure that ethical and legal standards have been maintained throughout the supply chain. This would mean, global deforestation would be reduced, climate change would be accounted for and the destruction of natural habitats would be controlled and stopped.

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