Bio-PET Based Products Patent Analysis

The global Bio-PET market is one of the developing markets that have been spreading its wide range of applications across various industries such as pharmaceuticals, packaging food & beverages, automotive, cosmetics and so on.  There has also been an increase in the number of patent applications for Bio-PET based products due to innovation in R&D exercises, to develop new types of Bio-PET products for various applications. Favorable government policies will also encourage companies to invest more in R&D which will enhance the Bio-PET based products. This will further help in filing more number of patents for Bio-PET based products. 

There have been an aggregate of 11,789 Bio-PET based products patents recorded since 2015, out of which just 1,818 have been allowed till date. There are additionally 6 limited and 6 revised licenses recorded during the time period of 2015-2018. Of all these patents, Procter and Gamble has recorded the most astounding number of patent applications that checks to a figure of 235 licenses, while Broad INST INC has documented the minimum number of licenses for Bio-PETs based products. The US has recorded 7,339 patent applications for Bio-PET based products altogether from 2015 to Sept 2018. An aggregate of 5,030 licenses applications were found in 2017 alone, that being the most noteworthy number of licenses recorded since 2015. 

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Procter & Gamble, an organization head quartered in Ohio, USA, alone has recorded 235 patent applications for Bio-PET based products since 2015, documenting 88 licenses in 2016. Out of the 235 licenses, just 25 licenses are conceded till date. Procter &Gamble has documented licenses for perfume composition of Bio-PET based plastic bottles, Bio-PET based polyethylene foamed bio-film, sustainable packaging for consumer products and so on. The number of patent applications for Bio-PET based products have expanded from 2015 to 2016 and declined in 2017. It is expected that Procter & Gamble will document more number of licenses than 2016, where 88 licenses application records were found for Bio-PET based products.

UNIV CALFORNIA based in Berkeley, USA stands second as far as number of documenting licenses are concerned. It has documented a sum of 199 licenses for Bio-PET based items out of which 18 were allowed, till date. UNIV CALIFORNIA has filed patent applications for Bio-PET based products that include bio-based polyethylene terephthalate packaging, method of chemical recycling of polyethylene terephthalate waste and method making, since 2015. There has been a constant development in recording patent applications by Univ California from 2015 to 2017 and it is expected to achieve a more prominent number in 2018. 

GenenTech situated in South Francisco, USA is another organization that has documented many licenses during the period Jan 2015 – Sept 2018. It has recorded a sum of 211 patents, out of which 31 licenses were allowed, till date. It has recorded patent applications for bio-based polyethylene terephthalate based bottles, cartons and so on. There has been an expansion in number of patent applications till 2017, and it is relied upon to proceed with the same. 

Immatics Biotechnologies GMBH, based in USA is another company that has filed more number of patents after GENENTECH INC. Immatics Biotechnologies GMBH has filed a total of 205 applications, till date for Bio-PET based products, since 2015. Out of 205 patent applications only 39 patents are granted for the innovation in Bio-PET based productsThe number of patents filed by Immatics Biotechnologies GMBH has been increasing and it is expected to file more patents in the near future. 

The  highest number of 7,339 patent applications were recorded in the US whereas, there are just 55 patent application records were found in Europe, that being the least number of patent applications  for Bio-PET  based products, since 2015. The reason for the low number of patents applications is the lack of R&D activities and budget for innovation in new kinds of Bio-PET based products. The expanding demand from biodegradable polymer industry, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and packaging industries is the central point that is favoring the increase in number of patent applications for Bio-PET based products.  

Hence, the significant players such P&G, Univ California, GenenTech, and Immatic Biotechnologies GMBH are expected to advance more in innovating and filing more patents for the new kinds of bio-PET based products that will be checked by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for the approval. 

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