The American structural adhesives market size is of billions of dollars and is seeing steady growth, with industries shifting from traditional bonding methods, such as welding and riveting, to using structural adhesives which have proven their structural integrity and reliability. Due to the growth prospects and the revolutionary shift from traditional methods, there is a lot of investment going into R&D from all players in the market to address all aspects of the customer’s requirement. Americas structural adhesives market is expected to register a CAGR of 8.02% and the market size, in terms of value, is projected to reach $4.80 Billion, by 2023.

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The American structural adhesives market is fragmented through various factors such as resin, type, dispensing form and others. Major end user application due to which the American structural adhesives market is growing are Automotive, Aerospace, Avionics, Construction, Electronics and many more. 

There are many players in the structural adhesives market but some of the key players are 3M, Arkema, Henkel, Dow Chemicals, Huntsmen, Lord Corporation, Jowat, Reynolds Company and many more.

3M’s structural adhesive branch services a wide range of end-user application from aerospace to Kitchen appliances. Its product Scotch-Weld is segmented on the basis of the resin type of the adhesive: Epoxy, acrylic, Urethane, anaerobic and so on. Scotch-Weld also comes in two part mixtures. 3M provides a wide range of products with various advantageous characteristics for almost all applications. Apart from working on their adhesives 3M is also researching and re-designing its dispensing system which is a hand-held pneumatic dispenser, to reduce wastage and increase application efficiency.
Arkema acquired BOSTIK in 2015 to take in its adhesive manufacturing capacity. Bostik manufactures the structural adhesives for Arkema under the Brand name of SAF. SAF has various products under it, which serve the markets of marine, automotive, transport, sign, and the industrial sectors. SAF has resistance to humidity, UV and harsh environments. It has very high elongation and impact resistance and can withstand the temperatures ranging from -40°C to 150°C without its mechanical properties getting affected. 

Henkel had a revenue generation of 2.3 billion EUR ($2.64 billion) in Sales in the first quarter of 2018. Its top brand of structural adhesives Loctite achieved 3 billion EUR in sales in 2017 alone. Loctite is globally famous for its stronghold, quick hardening, and long durability. Loctite is used in passenger plane wings, cars, and smartphones. It is also used to re-attach the broken shell of a turtle. Its other products include Technomelt and Teroson. Technomelt is their hot melt based adhesion and Teroson is their brand for all adhesive needs for the OEM transportation assembly industry.

The Reynolds Company manufactures its product by three methods: water-based, hot-melt and dry blending. They have products under the names of REYNCO and CA, but also provide the service of making custom made adhesive as per the client's demand, in any of the above-mentioned methods.
Lord provides 7 branded adhesive technologies between epoxy, urethane and acrylic resin types that can be chosen from their specified applications.  Some of them being: Chemlok -  for bonding between rubber and any other substrate for high temperatures and harsh environments; FUSOR – a  repair adhesive used in cars and other automobiles; Maxlok  - line of acrylic adhesives which require minimal substrate preparation and has a wide temperature range from -40°C to 149°C. Lord also has multiple dispensing system options for the adhesives and sells products in various quantities. 

Since the structural adhesive market has matured in North America, the growth in the north will be slow and will depend on the innovations of the R&D divisions but great opportunity lies in Latin America as an emerging market for structural adhesives in Construction and Automobile and other industries as well. With the economy in Latin America getting slightly better investments in households is boosting the demand for structural adhesives as a preferred material for bonding substrates due to its various advantages.

Other venues of opportunity include research to improve its useful properties. On the addition of nano-composites into adhesives, properties can be altered to be more beneficial, for example, the addition of silica and carbon nano-tubes can increases the shear strength of the adhesives by 28% to 36%.

The few properties that are the most important for the structural adhesive market to continue growing successfully are its shear strength, load-bearing capacity, temperature range, resistance to chemicals and external substances, cure time, and temperature.
Most adhesives have a full cure time of a few hours and more or at higher temperatures, but if this parameter is decreased with every other property remaining the same then decreasing the cure time and temperature for the structural adhesives will be a great advantage in saving both time and money especially in large scale projects, this will make the operation more time and cost efficient.

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