Booming Digestive Health Market to Propel the Usage of Prebiotic Ingredients

Published By: IndustryARC Published On : 24-Feb-2016

Prebiotics consumption in the form of functional food  offers number of health benefits. The rising popularity of these ingredients is enticing the food and supplement product manufacturers to use these beneficial additives in their offerings to enhance the overall nutritional value. Though, prebiotic ingredients are proven to provide variety of health benefits, these fibers are widely used in digestive health products. The U.S. digestive health ingredients market which primarily encompass prebiotic and probiotic additives was valued at approximately $450m  in 2015 and is estimated to grow at health rate mainly driven by the rising consumer demand for products that offer benefits related to digestive health, immunity and weight management. 

The demand for products that offer specific health benefits is increasing as consumers are opting for foods that aid in combatting particular health conditions. Consumers have been active in gaining knowledge on essential nutrients and related benefits which is influencing their buying preferences. Heightened consumer awareness is allowing the end-product manufacturers to target particular consumer groups with tailored nutritional profiles. Food products and supplements that improve immunity system, gut health, gasto-intenstinal functionality, and digestive health have emerged as one of the most potential segment for prebiotics. The increasing concern on obesity and need for weight management is expanding the application scope of prebiotics in various supplements, fuelling the market growth.
Digestive health and immune system categories account for approximately 12% of the supplements market in 2014 and are poised to grow at double digits in the coming years. Functional food & beverage segment in prebiotic ingredients market accounted for close to two-thirds share in terms of revenue. Prebiotics is set to witness strong growth with escalating addition of these beneficial fibers in functional food & beverages. Furthermore, increasing new launches of functional foods and drinks widens the scope of prebiotic ingredients, thus fuelling market growth in the coming years. 

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