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Chloroplatinic Acid is also called Hexachloroplatinic Acid, is an inorganic compound and is soluble in water. It is used in determination of potassium, catalyst for the reaction of silyl hydrides with olefins, manufacturing of SO3 and so on. There have been a total of 25069 patents of Chloroplatinic Acid Market registered during the period Jan 2015 to Oct 2018, across the globe.  These patent include 14090 granted patents, 10833 patent application, 79 unknown patents, 19 limited patents, 14 search report, and 34 amended patents.

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Shin-etsu Chemical Co. Ltd has been the top applicant which has filed 1204 patents for Chloroplatinic Acid. Shin-etsu Chemical Co. Ltd has 760 Granted patents which include conductive composition, method for the preparation of cyclopentyl trichlorosilane, curable fluropolyether rubber compositions, method of reducing surface tackiness of low-hardness thermally conductive silicone rubber sheet, process for preparing partially added cyclic organohydrogensiloxane, liquid silicone rubber coating agent composition and air bag using the composition and so on.The rest 444 patent applications include silicone adhesive composition and an adhesive tape, method for preparing polyoxyalkylene-organopolysiloxane copolymers, preparation of hydrolysable group-containing organohydrogenpolysiloxane and organopolysiloxane and so on.Most of the patents of Shin-estu Chemical Co. Ltd are related to preparation of new compound and chemical. 

Dow Corning Corporation from the UK has filed 467 patents of Chloroplatinic Acid. Out of these, 114 are patent applications (composition having improved adherence with an addition-curable material and composite article incorporating the composition, sachharide siloxanes stable in aqueous environment and methods for the preparation and use of such sachharide siloxanes, anti-foaming agent and pulp production method and so on) and 353 are granted patents(silicone coatings containing silicone mist suppressant composition, ene-yne unsaturated compounds as accelerators for hydrosilation, acetylenic alcohols and ethers as accelerators for hydrosilation, coating with organopolysiloxane organahydrogensilicon platinum catalyst and silylated acetylenic compound release modifier composition and so on).Most Patents of Dow Corning Corporation are related to adhesives and coatings. Liles Donald Taylor is an inventor in Dow Corning Corporationwho has 8 patents registered in his name.

Further, Dow Silicones Corporation has 306 patents which includes 166 patents application and 140 granted patents. Dow Silicones Corporation has filed patents across various fields of Chloroplatinic Acid, that include method of making silicone polyether copolymers having reduced odor, silicone coatings containing silicone mist suppressant compositions, method of producing amino acid-modified organopolysiloxane emulsions, method of making siloxane-based polyamide elastomers, silyl-functional pseudo telechelic polyisobutylene terpolymers, process for preparing silicone polyethers and silicone polyether-amide block copolymers and so on.

Considering the regional analysis of patent filing cases, the U.S. stands first filing 15233 patents for its innovation in adiponitrile, whereas Europe has filed 2134 patents and Australia has 3162 patents for its innovation in Chloroplatinic Acid. 

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